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Model Name

Model Code

RAM (TotalMem)

Form Factor

Screen Sizes

Apple TV

APPLE Apple TV HD (4th Generation) A1625 32 GB or 64 GB TV 1920×1080
APPLE Apple TV HD 4K (5Th Generation) A1842 32 GB or 64 GB TV 3840X2160

Fire TV

AMAZON Fire stick TV lite (1st Generation) S3L46N 8GB TV 1920×1080
AMAZON Fire stick TV (3rd Generation) LDC9WZ 8GB TV 1920×1080
AMAZON Fire TV Stick 4K E9L29Y 8 GB TV 3840X2160


1&1 1&1 Puck diw362_1u1 1417MB TV 1920×1080
1&1 DIW387-1&1 diw387_1u1 1674MB TV 1920×1080
3222222 Satelital G706 G706 920MB Tablet 600×1024
3BBTV TBBTV01 TBBTV01 1987MB TV 1920×1080
3Go GT10K3IPS GT10K3IPS 981MB Tablet 600×1024
3Go GT70053G GT70053G 955MB Tablet 600×1024
3Go GT7007EQC GT7007EQC 981MB Tablet 600×1024
9mobile DM_T901 DM_T901 1938MB Tablet 800×1280
A1 Ai-ES1059 Ai-ES1059 2838MB Tablet 1280×800
A1 ADT-3 adt3 1987-1990MB TV 1920×1080
ACKEES V10401 V10401 3682MB Tablet 1600×2560
ACT ACT4K1007 IPBox 1854-1855MB TV 1920×1080
AEEZO TK701 TK701 1969MB Tablet 1200×1920
AEEZO TK701_EEA TK701_EEA 1969MB Tablet 1920×1200
AEEZO TK801 TK801 1974MB Tablet 1200×1920
AEEZO TP1001 TP1001 2974MB Tablet 1200×1920
AEEZO TP901 TP901 1974MB Tablet 800×1280
AIDATA ADT1012L ADT1012L 2721MB Tablet 800×1280
AIDATA ADT1061 ADT1061 2721MB Tablet 1920×1200
AIDATA ADT1061_1 ADT1061_1 2770MB Tablet 1200×1920
AKOR AKOR TG1016 954MB Tablet 1280×800
AKOR TG797 TG797 954MB Tablet 600×1024
AKOR TG996 TG996 954MB Tablet 1024×600
ALBADEEL B725U ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
ALBADEEL B725050U samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
ANAM ANAM seocho 1337MB TV 1920×1080
ANDRINO Andrino bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
AOC AOC A731 984MB Tablet 600×1024
AOC AOC A731-H1 984MB Tablet 600×1024
AOC A731 A731-N1 984MB Tablet 600×1024
AOC A731-N2 A731-N2 984MB Tablet 600×1024
AOC A741 A741 983MB Tablet 1024×600
AOC A941 A941 983MB Tablet 1024×600
AOC Q10107L-ME Q10107L-ME 1852MB Tablet 1200×1920
AOC Q10107LW-ME Q10107LW-ME 1852MB Tablet 1200×1920
AOC Q8108L-ME Q8108L-ME 1906MB Tablet 800×1280
AOpen RK3288 Mini Chromebox fievel_cheets 4014-4015MB Chromebook 1366×768
AOpen RK3288 10″ Chromebase tiger_cheets 4014-4015MB Chromebook 1280×800
ASTECH Senegal tamachi 907MB TV 1280×720
ASTECH Senegal yeongdeungpo 1337MB TV 1920×1080
AT&T AT&T TV c71kw200 1726MB TV 1920×1080
AT&T AT&T TV c71kw400 1714MB TV 1920×1080
AT&T AT&T TV c71kw400-4gb 3474MB TV 1080×1920
ATVIO 100011886BK 100011886BK 1929MB Tablet 1280×800
ATVIO ATVIO mid7015_mk_32 1993MB Tablet 600×1024
AVH San Luis S.A. ActionKids3.0 ActionKids3_0 984MB Tablet 1024×600
AVH San Luis S.A. ExcerG5.6 ExcerG5_6 984MB Tablet 1024×600
AVH San Luis S.A. Excer G5.6 Excer_G5_6 980MB Tablet 600×1024
AVH San Luis S.A. Excer_P1 Excer_P1 985MB Tablet 800×1280
AVH San Luis S.A. Excer_T8 Excer_T8 985MB Tablet 800×1280
AVH San Luis S.A. Vortech3.0 Vortech3_0 984MB Tablet 600×1024
AVH San Luis S.A. Vortech_3_0 Vortech_3_0 980MB Tablet 600×1024
AWOW MID_1085_EEA MID_1085_EEA 968MB Tablet 1024×600
AWOW MID_1089IPS_EEA MID_1089IPS_EEA 1973MB Tablet 800×1280
AWOW UTBook UTBook 3921MB Tablet 800×1280
AWOW UTBook_EEA UTBook_EEA 3921MB Tablet 1280×800
AXSTV AXSTV130 SEI130PTS 983MB TV 1280×720
AXSTV AXSTV530 SEI530PTS 1987MB TV 1920×1080
AZPEN A1046G A1046G 1974MB Tablet 800×1280
AZPEN A780 A780 981MB Tablet 1024×600
AZPEN A780B A780B 969MB Tablet 1024×600
AZPEN K749B K749B 981MB Tablet 1024×600
AZPEN A1080 mid1032_mk_32 1988MB Tablet 1280×800
Accent FAST10 FAST10 1819MB Tablet 1280×800
Accent Fast17 Fast17 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Accent KIDZY70 KIDZY70 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Access fm502 fm502 958MB Tablet 600×1024
Acegame S.A. NEONHD/NEONGo NEON 954MB Tablet 1024×600
Acegame S.A. One_Mundial One_Mundial 983MB Tablet 600×1024
Acegame S.A. PROTON_JADE_2_PRO PROTON_JADE_2_PRO 984MB Tablet 800×1280
Acegame S.A. SAPPHIRE_HDLT SAPPHIRE_HDLT 983MB Tablet 600×1024
Acegame S.A. TitaniumColors TitaniumColors 954MB Tablet 600×1024
Acegame S.A. TitaniumHD TitaniumHD 954-1956MB Tablet 1024×600
Acepad A121 A121 1960MB Tablet 800×1280
Acer ACTAB1021_A ACTAB1021_A 2933MB Tablet 1280×800
Acer ACTAB721 ACTAB721 973MB Tablet 600×1024
Acer ATAB1021E ATAB1021E 2933MB Tablet 1280×800
Acer ATAB721E ATAB721E 973MB Tablet 600×1024
Acer ATAB821E ATAB821E 1928MB Tablet 800×1280
Acer Acer One 10 T4-129L AcerO10T4129L 1856MB Tablet 800×1280
Acer Acer One 10 T4-129LI AcerO10T412LI 2842MB Tablet 800×1280
Acer Acer One 8 T4-82L AcerOne8T482L 1830MB Tablet 1280×800
Acer Acer One 10 T8-129L Acer_One_10_T8-129L 3786MB Tablet 1280×800
Acer Acer One 7 4G Acer_One_7_4G 1933MB Tablet 800×1280
Acer Acer_one_8_T2 Acer_one_8_T2 1914MB Tablet 800×1280
Acer Baymax Baymax 1948MB Tablet 1200×1920
Acer Walle Walle 3822MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Acer Iconia One 10 acer_Colnago 1966MB Tablet 1280×800
Acer Iconia One 10 acer_ColnagoFHD 1946MB Tablet 1200×1920
Acer Chromebook 15 (CB3-532) banon_cheets 1935-1946MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Acer Chromebook R11 (C738T) cyan_cheets 3885-3896MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Acer Acer Chromebook R13 elm_cheets 3936MB Chromebook 1920×1080
Acer Chromebook 14 for work lars_cheets 3846MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Acer Acer Chromebook 11 (C740) paine_cheets 3875-3883MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT/1H sand_cheets 3827MB Chromebook 1080×1920;1920×1080
Acer Chromebook Tab 10 scarlet_cheets 3811-3813MB Chromebook 1536×2048
Acer Chromebook 15 (CB5-571) yuna_cheets 3875-3876MB Chromebook 1080×1920;1920×1080
Aconatic Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Aconatic Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Aconatic ACONATIC bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Admiral Overseas Corporation Fire Fire 983MB Tablet 600×1024
Advan digital G-Tab ADVAN_G_Tab 2808-2823MB Phone 800×1280
Advan digital TAB_10 ADVAN_TAB_10 3831MB Phone 800×1280
Advan digital TAB 8 ADVAN_TAB_8 2823MB Phone 800×1280
Advan digital TAB Gallilea ADVAN_TAB_Gallilea 2919MB Tablet 800×1280
Advance PR5860 PR5860 930MB Tablet 800×1280
Advance PR7145 PR7145 1427MB Tablet 1024×600
Advance Pr5650 Pr5650 920MB Tablet 600×1024
Advance Pr5747 Pr5747 984MB Tablet 600×1024
Advance Pr5950 Pr5950 973MB Tablet 600×1024
Advance Pr7547 Pr7547 867MB Tablet 600×1024
Advance SP4872 SP4872 1881MB Tablet 800×1280
Advance SP5702 SP5702 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
Advance SP5712 SP5712 3729MB Tablet 1920×1200
Advance SP5760 SP5760 1940MB Tablet 1920×1200
Advance SP5775 SP5775 1829MB Tablet 1200×1920
Advance Sp5730 Sp5730 1997MB Tablet 800×1280
Advance TR3947 TR3947 952MB Tablet 600×1024
Advance TR5994 TR5994 915MB Tablet 600×1024
Advance TR6948 TR6948 968MB Tablet 1024×600
Advance TR7988 TR7988 915MB Tablet 1024×600
Advance TR7998 TR7998 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Advance Tr3946 Tr3946 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Advance Tr4986 Tr4986 920MB Tablet 600×1024
Advance Advance Tr4995 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Advantage Air PIC10GS10 PIC10GS10 1963MB Tablet 800×1280
Advantage Air PIC10GS8 PIC10GS8 1975MB Tablet 800×1280
Advantage Air PIC7GS10-A PIC7GS10-A 1967MB Tablet 600×1024
Advantage Air PIC7GS8 PIC7GS8 975MB Tablet 600×1024
Advantage Air PIC8GS10 PIC8GS10 1963MB Tablet 800×1280
Advantage Air PIC8GS8 PIC8GS8 1975MB Phone 800×1280
Aeon Communication (IN) AE1020 AE1020 2007MB TV 1920×1080
Aimson AINOL_Q88X AINOL_Q88X 982MB Tablet 600×1024
Aimson Q88 Q88 985MB Tablet 1024×600
Ainol 7C08X 7C08X 982MB Tablet 1024×600
Ainol Q88A_EEA Q88A_EEA 982MB Tablet 600×1024
AirTV DV8535 DV8535 1989MB TV 1920×1080
AirTV AirTV Mini kunlun 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Airtel HP2707 AirtelOTTBox 903MB TV 1080×1920
Airtel XStream Smart Box hsw4026atl 1422MB TV 1920×1080
Aiuto AT1002 AT1002 2950MB Tablet 1920×1200
Aiuto AT702 AT702 1965MB Tablet 600×1024
Aiwa Aiwa KSTB6043 1991MB TV 1920×1080
Aiwa TAB_1003G TAB_1003G 1945MB Tablet 800×1280
Aiwa AW-LED32G7K ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
Aiwa AW-LED50X6FL samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Aiwa AIWA 2K TV shinagawa 907MB TV 1280×720
Aiwa AFL0065S sindorim 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Akai FZ101 FZ101 954MB Tablet 1280×800
Akai FZ701 FZ701 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Akai FZ702 FZ702 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Akai FZ703 FZ703 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Akai MD1063 MD1063 922MB Tablet 800×1280
Akari AX-115ATV DV8035 985-991MB TV 1280×720
Akari AX-117ATV DV8219 1500-1990MB TV 1920×1080
Akino laoshan-Akino laoshan 1357MB TV 1920×1080
Alba Alba10Nou Alba10Nou 974MB Tablet 800×1280
Alba Alba10Pie Alba10Pie 969MB Tablet 1280×800
Alba Alba10Q Alba10Q 1974MB Tablet 1280×800
Alba Alba7Nou Alba7Nou 980MB Tablet 600×1024
Alba Alba7Pie Alba7Pie 976MB Tablet 600×1024
Alba Alba7Q Alba7Q 969MB Tablet 600×1024
Alba Alba8Nou Alba8Nou 974MB Tablet 800×1280
Alco RCT6613W23PG RCT6613W23PG 1970MB Tablet 1366×768
Alco Voyager Pro RCT6873W42BMF8KC 980MB Tablet 1024×600
Alco VCT9T48Q34 VCT9T48Q34 2926MB Tablet 1920×1080
Alcor Comet_O118LR Comet_O118LR 1860MB Tablet 1920×1200
Alcor Alcor Zest_Q108I 916MB Tablet 800×1280
Alcor Alcor Zest_Q708I 916MB Tablet 600×1024
Aldo Mobile T10S T10S 1819MB Tablet 1280×800
Aldo Mobile T8S T8S 1819MB Tablet 800×1280
Algar GIU6770 GIU6770 1858MB TV 1920×1080
Alhafidh Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Alhafidh Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
AllView Viva H1003 LTE PRO H1003_LTE_PRO 2818MB Tablet 1280×800
AllView Viva H1003 LTE PRO/1 H1003_LTE_PRO1 2822MB Tablet 800×1280
AllView Viva H1003 LTE PRO3 H1003_LTE_PRO3 2819MB Tablet 1280×800
AllView Viva H1004 LTE H1004_LTE 1880MB Tablet 1280×800
AllView ALLVIEW 4K TV SW4H_FF 1684MB TV 1920×1080
AllView Viva 1003G Viva_1003G 1929MB Tablet 800×1280
AllView Viva 1003G Lite Viva_1003G_Lite 915MB Tablet 1280×800
AllView Viva 803G Viva_803G 915MB Phone 800×1280
AllView Viva C703 Viva_C703 982MB Tablet 600×1024
AllView Viva H1003 LTE Viva_H1003_LTE 1874MB Tablet 800×1280
AllView Viva Home Viva_Home 1957MB Tablet 1920×1080
AllView ALLVIEW bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
AllView Allview komagome 907MB TV 1280×720
AllView Allview 2K TV shinagawa 907MB TV 1280×720
Alldocube T1001 T1001 1860MB Tablet 1920×1200
Alldocube iPlay_30 T1012 5752MB Phone 1200×1920
Alldocube iPlay_40 T1020S 7755MB Tablet 1200×2000
Alldocube T701 T701 1796MB Phone 720×1280
Alldocube T806 T806 1935MB Tablet 800×1280
Alldocube T806ME T806ME 1935MB Tablet 800×1280
Alldocube iPlay 8 Pro T806MH 1935MB Tablet 800×1280
Alldocube iPlay 8 Pro T806MHE 1935MB Tablet 1280×800
Alldocube U1005 U1005 3921MB Tablet 1600×2560
Alldocube U1005E U1005E 3921MB Tablet 2560×1600
Alldocube U1006 U1006 2958MB Tablet 1200×1920
Alldocube U1006E U1006E 2958MB Tablet 1920×1200
Alldocube U1006H U1006H 2958MB Tablet 1920×1200
Alldocube U1006HE U1006HE 2958MB Tablet 1200×1920
Alldocube U63PLUS U63PLUS 1953MB Phone 1280×800
Alldocube iPlay_20 iPlay_20 3778MB Tablet 1920×1200
Alpha T1_Pro T1_pro 1930MB Tablet 600×1024
Alpha Alpha 43G7NUA samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Altron OB-1021 OB-1021 1930MB Tablet 1280×800
Aminocom Amigo7x Amigo7x 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Aminocom Amigo7xESP Amigo7xESP 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Aminocom Amigo7xGM Amigo7xGM 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Aminocom Amigo7xSCB Amigo7xSCB 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Aminocom Amigo7xcCN Amigo7xcCN 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Aminocom Kamai 7B Kamai7B 1728-1730MB TV 1920×1080
Ampila sti6160d327 sti6160d327 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Amstrad Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Andersson TBQ-7321 TBQ-7321 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Andersson TBQ10322 TBQ10322 1949MB Tablet 1200×1920
Andersson TBQ8322 TBQ8322 1970MB Tablet 800×1280
Andersson TBQ_10321 TBQ_10321 983MB Tablet 600×1024
Apex P10HD_Lite P10HD_Lite 1829MB Tablet 800×1280
Aprix Phat6 Phat6 1934MB Phone 720×1280
Aprix Tab64_T Tab64_T 1975MB Tablet 1280×800
Aprix Tab8ii Tab8ii 1959MB Tablet 800×1280
Aqua APAC hanyang 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Aqua APAC nippori 907MB TV 1280×720
Archos AC101XPro4G AC101XPro4G 5739MB Tablet 1920×1200
Archos Archos Access 101 3G V3 ac101as3gv3 920MB Tablet 1024×600
Archos Archos ac101aswf 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Archos Archos Access 101 Wifi v2 ac101aswfv2 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Archos Archos Core 101 3G V4 ac101cr3gv4 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Archos Archos ac101cr3gv5 953MB Tablet 1280×800
Archos Archos ac101hello 1966MB Tablet 1280×800
Archos Archos 101 Oxygen 4G ac101ox4g 1922MB Tablet 1280×800
Archos Archos Oxygen 101S ac101sox 2824MB Tablet 1920×1200
Archos Archos Oxygen 101S Ardoiz ac101soxaz 2824MB Tablet 1920×1200
Archos Archos Hello 7 ac70hello 1966MB Tablet 1280×800
Archos Archos Core 80 Wifi ac80crwf 954MB Tablet 800×1280
Archos ARCHOS T101 4G act1014g 1906MB Tablet 800×1280
Archos Archos T101X 4G act101x4g 1881MB Tablet 800×1280
Archos Archos T 80 W act80w 980MB Tablet 800×1280
Arima A100 A100 2851MB Phone 800×1280
Ark MemoPad_T1 MemoPad_T1 1829MB Tablet 1200×1920
Arknikko MemoPad_T3 MemoPad_T3_EEA 1973MB Tablet 1280×800
Arknikko SophPad_X11 SophPad_X11 2048MB Tablet 1024×600
Arrow RO-55LCS samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Artek Beat Beat 897MB Tablet 800×1280
Artel Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Artel Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Artel Starpad_T-181 Starpad 972MB Tablet 600×1024
Arçelik Arçelik Android TV sinchon 1350MB TV 1920×1080
Asanzo Asanzo SW4H 1684MB TV 1920×1080
Asanzo ASANZO 2K TV shibuya 903MB TV 1280×720
Asianet D8109N D8109N 982MB TV 1280×720
Astro_Tab A750 A750 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Astro_Tab G10 G10 981MB Tablet 1280×800
Astro_Tab K10 K10 2958MB Tablet 1920×1200
Asus ZenPad Z8s ASUS_P00J 2862-2863MB Tablet 1536×2048
Asus Chromebook Flip C101PA bob_cheets 3811-3813MB Chromebook 1280×800;800×1280
Asus ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 cave_cheets 3845-7872MB Chromebook 1920×1080
Asus Nexus Player fugu 956-1542MB TV 1920×1080
Asus Chromebook Flip C100PA minnie_cheets 1806-4015MB Chromebook 1280×800
Asus Chromebook C202SA/C300SA/C301SA terra_cheets 3885-3894MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Athesi E6A E6A 3596MB Phone 720×1280
Athesi RT101A RT101A 3844MB Tablet 1920×1200
Atria Convergence Technologies ACT B860H_V1 1703MB TV 1920×1080
Auchan LZ_890 LZ_890 969MB Tablet 600×1024
Auchan S5T10IN S5T10IN 985MB Tablet 600×1024
Auchan S5T10INBT S5T10INBT 985MB Tablet 1024×600
Auchan S6T7IN3G S6T7IN3G 953MB Tablet 600×1024
Auchan ST19071 ST19071_EEA 954MB Tablet 600×1024
Auchan ST19101 ST19101 954MB Tablet 1024×600
Aura Smart_Landline_AC7 SMART_LL_AC7 1998MB Phone 720×1280
Auris TB-701 TB-701 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Axioo MH MH 3778MB Tablet 1920×1200
Axioo PICOpad-7H PICOpad-7H 2846MB Phone 800×1280
Axioo PICOpad_7H_JL PICOpad_7H_JL 2896MB Tablet 800×1280
Axioo PICOpad_7H_R8 PICOpad_7H_R8 2893MB Tablet 800×1280
BAYKUS BKM10 BKM10 1973MB Tablet 800×1280
BEISTA K105 K105 4009MB Tablet 1280×800
BEISTA K109 K109 1961MB Tablet 1280×800
BEISTA T30 T30-EEA 1812MB Tablet 800×1280
BEISTA X101 X101 3711MB Tablet 800×1280
BEISTA X104 X104 2821-5645MB Tablet 800×1280
BEISTA X104-EEA X104-EEA 3811-5727MB Tablet 800×1280
BEISTA X108 X108 5614MB Tablet 800×1280
BEISTA X80-EEA X80-EEA 1930MB Tablet 800×1280
BGH S.A. fushan_BGH hamamatsucho 907MB TV 1280×720
BLOW BlackTAB7 BlackTAB7 920MB Tablet 600×1024
BLOW BlackTab7_3G_V2 BlackTab7_3G_V2 1930MB Tablet 600×1024
BLOW KidsTAB7_EEA KidsTAB7 980MB Tablet 1024×600
BLOW LaserTAB10 LaserTAB10 922MB Tablet 800×1280
BLOW PlatinumTAB10 PlatinumTAB10 2701MB Tablet 1200×1920
BLOW PlatinumTAB10_4G_V1 PlatinumTAB10_4G_V1 2770MB Tablet 1200×1920
BLOW PlatinumTAB10_4G_V2 PlatinumTAB10_4G_V2 5788MB Tablet 1280×800
BLOW PlatinumTAB10_4G_V3 PlatinumTAB10_4G_V3 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
BLUEING M1867G M1867G 2041MB Tablet 1280×800
BLUESTAR B850J B850J 905MB Tablet 600×1024
BMAX BMAX_I9 BMAX_I9 1974MB Tablet 1280×800
BMAX I10 I10 3729MB Tablet 1920×1200
BMAX I10_EEA I10_EEA 3729MB Tablet 1920×1200
BMPRO BMPRO7DI BMPRO7DI 1966MB Tablet 600×1024
BMXC BM108 BM108 2783MB Tablet 800×1280
BMXC JR-M802 JR-M802 3733MB Tablet 800×1280
BMXC K107 K107 1942-1958MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
BMXC K107_EEA K107-EEA 4014MB Tablet 800×1280
BMXC M107 M107 1813MB Tablet 1280×800
BMXC M107 M107-EEA 2839MB Tablet 800×1280
BMXC M863 M863 2762MB Tablet 800×1280
BMXC M863-EEA M863-EEA 3629MB Tablet 800×1280
BMXC N107 N107 7412MB Tablet 1280×800
BPL A4300 ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
BPL A4310 samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
BQru BQ-1020L BQru-1020L 891MB Tablet 1024×600
BQru BQru-1022L BQru-1022L 1796MB Tablet 800×1280
BQru BQ-1024L BQru-1024L 1829MB Tablet 1280×800
BQru BQ-1025L BQru-1025L 2770MB Tablet 1920×1200
BQru BQ-1045G BQru-1045G_2019 904MB Tablet 800×1280
BQru BQru-1077L_2019 BQru-1077L_2019 880MB Tablet 800×1280
BQru BQ-1081G BQru-1081G_2019 904MB Tablet 600×1024
BQru BQ-1082G BQru-1082G_2019 904MB Tablet 1024×600
BQru BQru-1082G_2020 BQru-1082G_2020 915MB Tablet 1024×600
BQru BQru-1083G_2019 BQru-1083G_2019 904MB Tablet 1280×800
BQru BQru-1083G_2020 BQru-1083G_2020 915MB Tablet 1280×800
BQru BQ-1084L BQru-1084L 886MB Tablet 1280×800
BQru BQ-1085L BQru-1085L 1797MB Tablet 1280×800
BQru BQ-1085L BQru-1085L_2020 1906MB Tablet 1280×800
BQru BQ-7000G BQru-7000G 904MB Tablet 800×1280
BQru BQ-7000G BQru-7000G_2020 915MB Tablet 600×1024
BQru BQ-7036L BQru-7036L 880-891MB Tablet 600×1024
BQru BQ-7040G BQru-7040G 1938MB Tablet 800×1280
BQru BQ-7040G BQru-7040G_2020 1930MB Tablet 600×1024
BQru BQ-7082G BQru-7082G_2020 915MB Tablet 600×1024
BQru BQ-7098G BQru-7098G_2020 915MB Tablet 600×1024
BQru BQ-8067L BQru-8067L 886MB Phone 800×1280
BQru BQ-8068L BQru-8068L 1797MB Phone 800×1280
BQru BQ-8077L BQru-8077L 2770MB Tablet 800×1280
BRAVE BTSL1 BTSL1 3775MB Tablet 1920×1200
BRAVE BTXS1 BTXS1 2770MB Phone 1280×800
BRAVE EX10SL4 EXCEED 1880MB Tablet 1280×800
BRIGMTON BTPC-1023OC4G_EEA BTPC-1023OC4G 1819MB Tablet 1200×1920
BRIGMTON BTPC-1025OC BTPC-1025OC 2824MB Tablet 800×1280
BRIGMTON BTPC-1027QC3G BTPC-1027QC3G 1938MB Tablet 1280×800
BRIGMTON Spain BTPC-801QC 1958MB Tablet 1280×800
BYJUS ITM03081 BYJUS 2849MB Tablet 1280×800
BYJUS LRN10 LRN10 2797-2861MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
BYJUS LRNS10WIL0 LRNS10WIL0 2787MB Tablet 1280×800
Bangho Bangho_AERO7 Bangho_AERO7 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Barel Base_7_2_Quad Base_7_2_Quad 983MB Tablet 600×1024
Barel WP-N1 WP1-N 1924MB Tablet 800×1280
Barnes and Noble BNTV650 st18c10bnn 1950MB Tablet 1200×1920
Barnes and Noble BNTV460 st18c7bnn 979MB Tablet 600×1024
Battcell M7042F M7042F 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Bauhn BAUHN bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Bauhn Australia hanyang 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Bauhn Bauhn komagome 909MB TV 1280×720
Beeline Beebox SWG2001A 1988MB TV 1920×1080
Beko Beko Android TV sinchon 1350MB TV 1920×1080
Bell Canada Bell Streamer sti6130d324 1990MB TV 1920×1080
BenQ QS01 S905Y2 2009MB TV 1920×1080
BenQ E40-520 ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
BenQ laoshan_BenQ laoshan 1362MB TV 1920×1080
BenQ E55-720 samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Beneve M1036 M1036 1853MB Tablet 1280×800
Beneve M7133 M7133 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Beneve M7133E3 M7133E3 1959MB Tablet 600×1024
Beneve M7152 M7152 1930MB Tablet 600×1024
Beneve M755 M755 984MB Tablet 600×1024
Benten T10 Benten_T10 2914MB Phone 1280×800
Bible-Pad Bible-Pad BTAB-7Q2 1958MB Tablet 600×1024
BilimBook BilimBook_mini BilimBook_mini 1973MB Tablet 1280×800
Billow X101PRO+ X101PRO 1972MB Tablet 800×1280
Billow X103PRO X103PRO 1967MB Tablet 1280×800
Billow X703 X703 955MB Tablet 1024×600
BioRugged BioWolf_C BioWolf_C 1819MB Tablet 800×1280
BioRugged T4000 T4000 2768MB Phone 800×1280
Bitmore Mobitab10_S3_32GB Mobitab10_S3_32GB 2906MB Tablet 1280×800
Bitmore Tab10_Plus_32GB Tab10_Plus_32GB 1974MB Tablet 1280×800
Bizringer 8BIZ18 8BIZ18 1802MB Phone 800×1280
Blacksonic BS7 BS7 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Blacksonic BS7-3G BS7-3G 904MB Tablet 600×1024
Blacksonic BS7-BUTTERFLY BS7-BUTTERFLY 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Blacksonic BS7-KIDS BS7-KIDS 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Blacksonic BS9 BS9 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Blackview Tab8 Tab8 3778MB Tablet 1280×800
Blackview Tab8_NEU Tab8_NEU 3778MB Tablet 1280×800
Blackview Tab8_RU Tab8_RU 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
Blaupunkt BP_6008 BP_6008 1973MB Tablet 800×1280
Blaupunkt BP_6010 BP_6010 1955MB Tablet 800×1280
Blaupunkt Discovery_A10_302 Discovery_A10_302 984MB Tablet 800×1280
Blaupunkt A-STREAM GMP 1990MB TV 1920×1080
Blaupunkt B-STREAM JFK 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Blaupunkt Blaupunkt bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Blaupunkt Blaupunkt ewha 909MB TV 1280×720
Blaupunkt Ukraine,Czech hanyang 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Blaupunkt Blaupunkt komagome 907MB TV 1280×720
Blaupunkt Czech/Ukraine/Russia nippori 907MB TV 1280×720
Blaupunkt MP3TV shinjuku 907MB TV 1280×720
Blaupunkt Blaupunkt sindang 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Blaupunkt EU tamachi 907MB TV 1280×720
BlueTech MID1016BT001 MID1016BT001 980MB Tablet 1024×600
Bluebird RT080 RT080 1858-1864MB Tablet 1200×1920
Bluebird RT103 RT103 2829MB Tablet 800×1280
Bluebird ST103 ST103 2844MB Tablet 800×1280
Bluedot BNT-1013 BNT-1013 2958MB Tablet 1920×1200
Bluedot BNT-802 BNT-802 2958MB Tablet 1200×1920
Bluedot BNT_1012W BNT_1012W 1975MB Tablet 800×1280
Bluedot BNT-801W BNT_801W 1987MB Tablet 800×1280
Bluslate Bluslate8 Bluslate8 1930MB Phone 800×1280
Bouygues Telecom Bbox Miami HMB4213H 1039-1102MB TV 1920×1080
Bouygues Telecom Bbox Brooklyn 4K HMB9213NW 938-997MB TV 1920×1080
Bouygues Telecom BboxTV UZW4020BYT 2445MB TV 1920×1080
BrailleNote gryphon gryphon 3776MB Tablet 1024×600
Brantel Q30 Q30 958MB Tablet 600×1024
Bravis NB108 NB108 1914MB Tablet 800×1280
Bravis NB76 NB76 1906MB Tablet 720×1280
Bravis NB851 NB851 889MB Tablet 800×1280
Bravis NB871 NB871 898MB Tablet 800×1280
Bravis G7H ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
Brightside BS101 BS101 930MB Tablet 1280×800
Brightside KS_T01 KS_T01 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Brown brown tab1 brown_tab1 3769MB Tablet 1536×2048
Bubblegum B1Teen B1Teen 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Bubblegum BUB6R-3T BUB6R-3T 1938MB Tablet 1280×800
Bubblegum Bubblegum Bubblegum 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Bush Bush10Nou Bush10Nou 1968MB Tablet 1920×1200
C5 Mobile NOATAB NOATAB 981MB Tablet 1024×600
CAIXUN Australian/EU yeongdeungpo 1337MB TV 1920×1080
CANAL-PLUS CANAL+ BOX HY40A2 1988MB TV 1920×1080
CCC AirStick 4K ts302 1718-1987MB TV 1920×1080
CEM Global Continential CE10402-16 981MB Tablet 600×1024
CEM Global Continental CE10412-26 1995MB Tablet 1024×600
CEM Global HS29779-18 HS29779-18 981MB Tablet 1024×600
CG Inspiring Life Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
CG Inspiring Life Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
CHAINWAY P80 P80 2844MB Tablet 1200×1920
CHCNAV LT700 LT700 3603MB Phone 1200×1920
CHUBU TELECOMMUNICATIONS CO.,INC STI6130d353 sti6130d353 1987MB TV 1920×1080
CHiQ G7P hapjeong 1841MB TV 1920×1080
CHiQ H7A samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
CJHelloVision CJ680CL cj680cl 1430MB TV 1280×720
CJHelloVision viewing kr101 1718-1991MB TV 1920×1080
CLEVER C45 C45 955MB Tablet 600×1024
COMPUMAX BlueS10 COMPUMAX 2770MB Tablet 800×1280
COMTECO DV8535 DV8535-KBC 1989MB TV 1920×1080
CONVERGE T7045PS T7045PS 1990MB Tablet 600×1024
CONVERGE T8045PS T8045PS 1985MB Tablet 800×1280
COOKIE YS-CK0001 YS-CK0001 1987-1989MB TV 1920×1080
COOP MARTE MARTE 1973MB Tablet 800×1280
CORN Star8 Corn_Star8 981MB Tablet 600×1024
CORN Star8_3G Star8_3G 915MB Tablet 600×1024
COSMOTE TV TV Box HY44G 1990MB TV 1920×1080
CWOWDEFU C10G C10G 1930MB Tablet 1280×800
CWOWDEFU F80L F80L 2770MB Tablet 1200×1920
CWOWDEFU F81L_EEA F81L 2770MB Tablet 1200×1920
CYX Group A7008 A7008 985MB Tablet 1024×600
Cablecolor GIU3A00 GIU3A00 1988MB TV 1920×1080
Canal Digital Allente 1 OnePlace2 1975MB TV 1920×1080
Canal Digital OnePlace canal_sat_bcm 1427-1439MB TV 1920×1080
Canguro M75TG M75TG 904MB Tablet 720×1280
Canguro M77XG M77XG 1938MB Phone 720×1280
Capstone CAP-001M CAP-001M 2944MB Tablet 1920×1200
Captiva Pad 10 2-in-1 Pad_10_2_in_1 1987MB Tablet 1280×800
Carrefour CT1056_32GB CT1056_32GB 969MB Tablet 1280×800
Carrefour CT1085_ 32GB CT1085_32GB 983MB Tablet 1024×600
Carrefour CT735_16GB CT735_16GB 983MB Tablet 1024×600
Carrefour CT756_16GB CT756_16GB 974MB Tablet 600×1024
Casper S38 Casper_S38 2971MB Tablet 800×1280
Casper L20 L20 2831MB Tablet 1920×1200
Casper Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Casper Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Casper S20 S20 2958MB Tablet 1920×1200
Casper VIA_L30 VIA_L30 3813MB Tablet 1200×1920
Casper VIA_L30_0 VIA_L30_0 3813MB Tablet 1200×1920
Casper VIA_S30 VIA_S30 3859MB Tablet 1920×1200
Casper VIA_S30_0 VIA_S30_0 3859MB Tablet 1200×1920
Casper Casper VIA S48 VIA_S48 2933MB Tablet 800×1280
Casper VIA_S48_0 VIA_S48_0 2933MB Tablet 800×1280
Cavion Base_72_GO Base_72_GO 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Cavion base10.3g silver base10_3g_silver 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Cedar Cedar CT8X2 CT8X2 3596MB Phone 800×1280
Cedar Cedar CT8X2 CT8XEU 3596MB Phone 800×1280
Ceibal ACRUX ACRUX 1969MB Tablet 1280×800
Ceibal BETELGEUSE BETELGEUSE 1970MB Tablet 800×1280
Ceibal Kil-82WFDC Kil-82WFDC 1992MB Tablet 800×1280
Ceibal RIGEL RIGEL 1928MB Tablet 800×1280
Ceibal U800B U800B 1974MB Tablet 800×1280
Cellcom TV SEI-S905X2 tai 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Cello T1045PC T1045PC 974MB Tablet 1280×800
Cello Cello sadang 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Cello C2420G ueno 909MB TV 1280×720
Challenger Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Challenger Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Challenger Challenger gangbyeon 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Challenger Challenger osaki 907MB TV 1280×720
Chameleon Chameleon-H Chameleon-H 2788MB Phone 800×1280
Chanbly q7 q7 954-981MB Tablet 1024×600
Changhong GIU6060 GIU6060 1855MB TV 1280×720
Changhong L32H7 ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
Changhong U50H7 samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Changhong Korea sindorim 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Cherry Mobile Superion S1 DTV A800 920MB Tablet 600×1024
Cherry Mobile A810 A810 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Cherry Mobile Flare Tab Pro A820 1819MB Tablet 800×1280
Cherry Mobile Flare Tab A830 1965MB Tablet 800×1280
Cherry Mobile A840 A840 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
Cherry Mobile A850 A850 1906MB Tablet 600×1024
Cherry Mobile A860 A860 1829MB Tablet 800×1280
Cherry Mobile A890 A890 3777MB Phone 800×1280
Cherry Mobile DOH01 DOH01 921MB Tablet 1280×800
Cherry Mobile DOH02 DOH02 1912MB Tablet 1280×800
Cherry Mobile Fusion Aura 3s Fusion_Aura_3s 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Cherry Mobile Superion Radar Deluxe 2 Radar_Deluxe_2 904MB Phone 800×1280
Cherry Mobile Superion S2 Superion_S2 915MB Tablet 600×1024
Cherry Mobile Superion S2+ Superion_S2_Plus 1930MB Phone 800×1280
China Network System (CNS) STB-9642C1 BCM72604 1410MB TV 1920×1080
Chosunbiz Chosunbiz kPad 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
Chuwi CHUWI Hi9Air 3682MB Tablet 1600×2560
Chuwi Hi9Pro Hi9Pro 2678MB Tablet 1600×2560
Chuwi HipadX_eea_1 HipadX 5783MB Tablet 1200×1920
Chuwi Surpad Surpad 3747MB Tablet 1920×1200
Classpro EGS42FHD ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
Classpro CGS55UHD samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Clementoni CLEMPAD_2018 CLEMPAD_2018 889MB Tablet 1280×800
Clementoni Clempad_9 Clempad_9 1929MB Tablet 800×1280
Clementoni MFC_2018 MFC_2018 894MB Tablet 1024×600
Clementoni MFC_8 MFC_8 889MB Tablet 800×1280
Clementoni MFClempadP_9 MFClempadP_9 1929MB Tablet 1280×800
Clementoni MFClempad_9 MFClempad_9 920MB Tablet 600×1024
Clickonica Exclusive iTabS10 iTabS10 964MB Tablet 800×1280
Clickonica Exclusive itabx itabx 979MB Tablet 600×1024
Clicktabds F19 F19 1962MB Tablet 800×1280
ClipSonic DVI37BT DVI37BT 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Cobalt Cobalt T10 wifi Cobalt_T10_wifi 980MB Tablet 1280×800
Cobalt Cobalt_T7_wifi Cobalt_T7_wifi 980MB Tablet 1024×600
Cobalt CP101P POS 1960MB Tablet 1280×800
Coby CTB761 CTB761 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Coby MID7052 MID7052 1886MB Tablet 1024×600
Coby MID8072 MID8072 1881MB Tablet 1280×800
Cogeco TV uiw4020cog 1704MB TV 1920×1080
Compaq Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Compaq Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Compaq CT101 fireball 1992MB Tablet 800×1280
Concord A10 A10 2770MB Tablet 1200×1920
Concord C-708 C-708 1938MB Tablet 600×1024
Concord Concord_RANGE_HS Concord_RANGE_HS 1996MB Tablet 600×1024
Concord Concord_Range_S9 Concord_Range_S9 1996MB Tablet 1024×600
Concord Dream_Edition_C-754 Dream_Edition_C-754 3832MB Tablet 800×1280
Concord Plus-7_C777 Plus-7_C777 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Concord Plus-9_C778 Plus-9_C778 981MB Phone 480×800
Concord Plus_M19_C779 Plus_M19_C779 1958MB Tablet 1024×600
Condor Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Condor TB105L TB105L 893-915MB Tablet 1280×800
Condor Customer need debug TB108W 1928MB Tablet 1280×800
Condor TB109L TB109L 1892MB Tablet 1280×800
Condor TB716 TB716 984MB Tablet 1024×600
Condor TB717G_8_1 TB717G 951-954MB Tablet 600×1024
Condor TB718 TB718 984MB Tablet 600×1024
Condor 32SD520 ikebukuro 903MB TV 1280×720
Connex CTAB1044hn CTAB1044hn 1929MB Tablet 1280×800
Connex SEN_1055_ARM SEN_1055_ARM 1866MB Tablet 800×1280
Contex Egypt tamachi 907MB TV 1280×720
Contex Egypt yeongdeungpo 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Continental Edison CE10402 CE10402 980MB Tablet 600×1024
Continental Edison Continential_Edison bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Continental Edison France tamachi 907MB TV 1280×720
Continental Edison Continental Edison yeongdeungpo 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Continential CE10412 CE10412 1995MB Tablet 1024×600
Continential Edison-Continential komagome 909MB TV 1280×720
Contixo CONTIXO_V8 CONTIXO-V8 982MB Tablet 1024×600
Contixo V9 CONTIXO-V9 1996MB Tablet 1024×600
Contixo K101 K101 1958MB Tablet 1280×800
Contixo K101A K101A 1973MB Tablet 800×1280
Contixo K4 K4 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Contixo LA703R LA703R 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Contixo V10 V10 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Contixo V80 V80 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Contixo V90 V90 1996MB Tablet 1024×600
Coolpad Coolpad Tasker CP3667AT 2869MB Tablet 800×1280
Core Innovations CRTB7001 CRTB7001 950MB Tablet 600×1024
Core Innovations CTB1016G CTB1016G 949MB Tablet 1024×600
Creato DVT101B mdt1005_mk_32 1994MB Tablet 1024×600
Crelander A101 A101 5788MB Tablet 1200×1920
Crelander Z103 Z103 1906MB Tablet 1280×800
Crosscall Core-T4 L810 2816-3072MB Tablet 800×1280
Ctroniq Ctroniq_Snook_B70 Ctroniq_B70 920MB Tablet 600×1024
Ctroniq Ctroniq_Snook_W10 Ctroniq_Snook_W10 1022MB Tablet 800×1280
Ctroniq Ctroniq_Snook_W70 Ctroniq_Snook_W70 980MB Tablet 1024×600
Ctroniq K9 K9 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Ctroniq SNOOK-X10 SNOOK-X10 1906MB Phone 1280×800
Ctroniq SNOOK-X80 SNOOK-X80 1906MB Tablet 800×1280
Cutepad Tab_4_M7078 Tab_4_M7078 955MB Tablet 600×1024
D-Tech DT08-TAB4G DT08-TAB4G 1796MB Tablet 800×1280
D-Tech DT10-TAB4G DT10-TAB4G 3796MB Tablet 800×1280
D-Tech LM-01 LM_01 889MB Tablet 800×1280
DCG-INSPIRATECH DCG-N10 DCG-N10 1969MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP B11 B11 922MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP B17 B17 915MB Tablet 600×1024
DEXP B18 B18 915MB Phone 800×1280
DEXP B31 B31 1930MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP B38 B38 1930MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP E110 E110 1929MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP E170 E170 1796MB Phone 800×1280
DEXP E180 E180 1879MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP E210 E210 1879MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP EX111 EX111 3778MB Tablet 1920×1080
DEXP H110 H110 1819MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP H210 H210 2824MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP H310 H310 1829MB Tablet 1920×1200
DEXP H370 H370 915MB Tablet 600×1024
DEXP K11 K11 1938MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP K18 K18 1938MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP K21 K21 1796MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP K28 K28 1866MB Phone 800×1280
DEXP K31 K31 1850MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP K41 K41 1850MB Tablet 1200×1920
DEXP L110 L110 1896MB Tablet 1920×1200
DEXP L170 L170 889MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP L180 L180 1915MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP L210 L210 1938MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP L270 L270 1938MB Tablet 600×1024
DEXP L310i L310i 1946MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP L370i L370i 922MB Tablet 1024×600
DEXP DEXP M110 M110 2701MB Tablet 1200×1920
DEXP M170 M170 1930MB Tablet 600×1024
DEXP DEXP M210 M210 2701MB Tablet 1200×1920
DEXP N180i N180i 1796MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP N210 N210 1797MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP N280i N280i 2801MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP N310 N310 1797MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP N380i N380i 3809MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP N410 N410 3809MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP N570 N570 1797MB Phone 800×1280
DEXP P380i P380i 886MB Phone 800×1280
DEXP P410 P410 904MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP P510 P510 885MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP Q110 Q110 1819MB Tablet 1200×1920
DEXP Q180 Q180 1829MB Tablet 1920×1200
DEXP Q210 Q210 2824MB Tablet 1200×1920
DEXP Q280 Q280 1829MB Tablet 1200×1920
DEXP R110 R110 1819MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP R180 R180 1819MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP Dexp Ursus S170i S170i 984MB Tablet 1024×600
DEXP S180 S180 904MB Phone 800×1280
DEXP URSUS S180i S180i 954MB Tablet 1280×800
DEXP S270i S270i 904MB Tablet 1024×600
DEXP S280 S280 904MB Phone 800×1280
DEXP S290 S290 1905MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP S370 S370 904MB Tablet 600×1024
DEXP DEXP S380 S380 1970MB Tablet 800×1280
DEXP S670 S670 1938MB Tablet 600×1024
DEXP S770 S770 922MB Tablet 600×1024
DEXP S770i S770i 1930MB Tablet 1024×600
DEXP VA110 VA110 904MB Tablet 1024×600
DEXP VA170 VA170 982MB Tablet 600×1024
DEXP VA210 VA210 904MB Tablet 800×1280
DEYI DEYI-10M18 DEYI-10M18 1975MB Phone 800×1280
DEYI DEYI10M18 DEYI10M18A53 3921MB Tablet 1280×800
DGTEC DG101TBIPS DG101TBIPS 1958MB Tablet 1280×800
DGTEC DG7TBIPSG DG7TBIPSG 1958MB Tablet 1024×600
DL Creative Kids Tablet_DL_3721 985MB Tablet 1024×600
DL Sabichões Tablet_DL_3722 985MB Tablet 600×1024
DL Creative Tab Tablet_DL_3723 985MB Tablet 600×1024
DL Tablet_DL_3724 Tablet_DL_3724 984MB Tablet 600×1024
DL Creative kids Tablet_DL_3725 984MB Tablet 1024×600
DNA DNA dctiw384 1388-1395MB TV 1920×1080
DSIC RD86QE RD86QE 3596MB Phone 1280×800
DTV (Thai) P3 Digital_Life_P3 1730MB TV 1920×1080
Danew Dbook_110 Dbook_110 952MB Tablet 1024×600
Danew Dslide 1013QC Dslide1013QC_v2 985MB Tablet 600×1024
Danew Dslide 1013QC Dslide1013QC_v3 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Danew Dslide1016_V2_EEA Dslide1016_V2 1947MB Tablet 800×1280
Danew Dslide1019 Dslide1019 1974MB Tablet 800×1280
Danew Dslide113_V3 Dslide113_V3 1956MB Tablet 1280×800
Danew Dslide 714 Dslide714_v2 984MB Tablet 600×1024
Danew Dslide716 Dslide716 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Danew Dslide_1020 Dslide_1020 2824MB Tablet 1200×1920
Danew Dslide_113 Dslide_113 954MB Tablet 800×1280
Dany Signature-S8 Signature-S8 3778MB Tablet 800×1280
Datamini K508101 K508101 1932MB Tablet 1280×800
Datamini K908H4G K908H4G 1927MB Tablet 1024×600
Datamini T104G T104G 1829MB Tablet 1200×1920
Datamini T8004G T8004G 1829MB Tablet 800×1280
Datamini T84G T84G 1796MB Tablet 800×1280
Datamini TPOS74G-IGF720 TPOS74G-IGF720 1884MB Tablet 600×1024
DayMark IT119345 IT119345 1945MB Tablet 1200×1920
DayMark IT119411 IT119411 1945MB Tablet 1920×1200
Delephas Chang Co., Ltd seocho 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Dell Chromebook 13 3380 asuka_cheets 3846MB Chromebook 1366×768
Dell Latitude 7000 drallion_cheets 7838MB Chromebook 1920×1080
Dell Chromebook 11 Model 3180 kefka_cheets 3885-3894MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Dell Chromebook 13 7310 lulu_cheets 3875-3883MB Chromebook 1080×1920;1920×1080
Delm D1018 D1018 984MB Tablet 1280×800
Delm D718 D718 984MB Tablet 1024×600
Denali DT0702W08 DT0702W08 984MB Tablet 600×1024
Denali Etab2 DT0705W08 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Denali ETAB3 DT0706W08 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Denka Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Denka Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Denver Electronics TAQ-104A TAQ-104A 1955MB Tablet 600×1024
Denver Electronics TAQ-703A TAQ-703A 1955MB Tablet 1024×600
Denver Electronics TAQ-10 TAQ10 1024MB Tablet 1024×600
Denver Electronics TAQ-102 TAQ102 1024MB Tablet 600×1024
Denver Electronics TAQ70 TAQ70 1024MB Tablet 1024×600;600×1024
Denver Electronics TAQ-90 TAQ90 1024MB Tablet 600×1024
Denver Electronics TAQ_10G TAQ_10G 894MB Tablet 1024×600;600×1024
Denver Electronics TAQ_703_eea TAQ_703_eea 902MB Tablet 600×1024
Denver Electronics TIQ-10 TIQ-10 1959MB Tablet 800×1280
Denver Electronics TIQ-102 TIQ102 1024MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Denver Electronics TIQ-104 TIQ104 2048MB Tablet 1280×800
DiDi (Japan) DDT-001 DDT-001 3596MB Tablet 1280×720
Dialog Sri Lanka N9106H_B_Dialog 1692MB TV 1920×1080
Dialog SEI103DL SEI103 982-984MB TV 1280×720
Diamond A1046DRI A1046DRI 954MB Tablet 1024×600
Diamond DIM100 DIM100 981MB Tablet 1280×800
Dicle DTABC2 DTABC2 970MB Tablet 800×1280
Dicle DTABPLUS DTABPLUS 2958MB Tablet 1200×1920
Dicle_Tab Dicle_Tab_Active Active 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
Dicle_Tab Dicle Tab MyPen P1 Tab_MyPen_P1 3780MB Tablet 1200×1920
Dicle_Tab Dicle Tab Ultra Tab_Ultra 7755MB Tablet 1200×2000
DigiLand 10542843 10542843 920MB Tablet 600×1024
DigiLand DL1002 DL1002 980MB Tablet 1024×600
DigiLand DL1003 DL9003 980MB Tablet 600×1024
DigiLand EVERPAD EVERPAD 982MB Tablet 1024×600
DigiLand PCBOX Kova_2_PCB-T731 982MB Tablet 1024×600
DigiLand ismart MID1016-MK 1961MB Tablet 800×1280
DigiLand TPC-705Kids_EEA MID7015A-MK 969MB Tablet 600×1024
DigiLand TP1_N TP1_N 1924MB Tablet 800×1280
DigiLand SLTDVD1023 mdt1005 969MB Tablet 1024×600
DigiLand DL9003mk mdt9003 969MB Tablet 1024×600
DigiLand DL1016 mid1016 1450MB Tablet 1280×800
DigiLand Leotec mid1016_mk_32 964MB Tablet 800×1280
DigiLand CompumaxBlue mid1016_mk_64 1963MB Tablet 1280×800
DigiLand DL1031 mid1031 1793MB Tablet 1200×1920
DigiLand Digiland_mid1032_mr mid1032_mr 1935MB Tablet 1280×800
DigiLand ONN mid7015_mk_32 969MB Tablet 600×1024
Digicom Digicom_A7_LTE Digicom_A7_LTE 927MB Tablet 600×1024
Digma DIGMA CITI 1576 3G CS1194MG CS1194MG 1965MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma DIGMA CITI 1577 3G CS1195MG CS1195MG 1965MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma DIGMA CITI 1578 4G CS1196ML CS1196ML 1930MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma CITI_1590_3G_CS1207MG CS1207MG 1929MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma CITI_1593_3G_CS1210MG CS1210MG 1929MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma CITI_Octa_10_CS1219PL CS1219PL 3832MB Tablet 1200×1920
Digma CITI_Kids_10 CS1232MG 1945MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma CS1235PL CS1235PL 1866MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma DIGMA CITI 3000 4G CS3001ML CS3001ML 2920MB Tablet 1080×1920
Digma CS7113PL CS7113PL 1802-1888MB Phone 800×1280
Digma DIGMA CITI 7575 3G CS7193MG CS7193MG 1965MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma CS7204MG CS7204MG 1929MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma CITI_7591_3G_CS7208MG CS7208MG 1929MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma CITI_Kids CS7216MG 1934MB Tablet 600×1024
Digma CS7217PL CS7217PL 3832MB Tablet 1200×1920
Digma CS7234PL CS7234PL 1853MB Tablet 1200×1920
Digma CS8205PG CS8205PG 904MB Phone 800×1280
Digma CITI_8589_3G_CS8206MG CS8206MG 1929MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma CS8218PL CS8218PL 3832MB Tablet 1200×1920
Digma CS8231PL CS8231PL 1866MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma CITI_Kids_81_CS8233MG CS8233MG 1945MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma CITI_Kids_80 CS8239RW 949MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma Digma Platina 1579M 4G NS1800ML NS1800ML 1897MB Tablet 1920×1200
Digma Digma Plane 1584S 3G PS1201PG PS1201PG 904MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma Digma Plane 1585S 4G PS1502PL PS1202PL 880MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma Plane_1596_3G_PS1213PG PS1213PG 1938MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma PS8163PL PS8163PL 886MB Phone 800×1280
Digma Digma Plane 8580 4G PS8199ML PS8199ML 1913MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma Plane 8595 3G PS8212PG PS8212PG 1938MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma Optima 1028 3G TS1215PG TS1215PG 904MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma Optima_10_A500S_3G_TS1220PG TS1220PG 920MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma TS1221PL TS1221PL 896MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma Optima_10_X702_4G TS1228PL 2770MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma TS1229PL TS1229PL 3771MB Tablet 1920×1200
Digma Digma Optima Prime 5 3G TS7198PG TS7198PG 904MB Tablet 600×1024
Digma Optima Kids 7 TS7203RW 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Digma Optima_7_A100S_3G_TS7222PG TS7222PG 915MB Tablet 600×1024
Digma Optima_7_X700_4G TS7224PL 2770MB Tablet 1280×800
Digma TS7225PL TS7225PL 3776MB Tablet 1200×1920
Digma Optima_8027_3G TS8211PG 904MB Phone 800×1280
Digma Optima_8_X701_4G TS8226PL 2770MB Tablet 800×1280
Digma Optima_8_Z801_4G TS8227PL 3776MB Tablet 1200×1920
Digma Optima_7_A101_3G TT7223PG 915MB Tablet 600×1024
Dinax DX_TA7001 DX_TA7001 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Dinax DX_TASL83 DX_TASL83 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Dinax DX_TA_7001 DX_TA_7001 958MB Tablet 600×1024
Dinax DX_TA_SL83 DX_TA_SL83 981MB Tablet 600×1024
DishTV (IN) D-805XATV HD SEI110 983-984MB TV 1280×720
DishTV-NZ SV10 HiCast 905MB TV 1920×1080
DishTV-NZ SV11 ICN 1987MB TV 1920×1080
DishTV-NZ A7070 STB 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Disney Frozen_G9 Frozen_G9 952MB Tablet 1024×600
Disney Princess_G9 Princess_G9 952MB Tablet 600×1024
Disney Frozen BMF00001 BMF00001 985MB Tablet 1024×600
Disney Frozen DC_COMICS DC_COMICS 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Disney Frozen FROZEN FROZEN 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Disney Frozen MARVEL MARVEL 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Disney Frozen PRINCESS PRINCESS 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Disney Pixar Toy_story Toy_story 952MB Tablet 600×1024
Ditecma M1092RV5 M1092RV5 2048MB Tablet 1200×1920
Ditecma M1092Rv4 M1092Rv4 2048MB Tablet 768×1366
Diva QC1004GM QC1004GM 921MB Tablet 800×1280
Diva QC804GM QC804GM 921MB Tablet 800×1280
Dixon TS_M103A TS_M103A 1768MB Tablet 1200×1920
Docomo Japan TT01 2881-2884MB TV 1920×1080
Docomo TT02 TT02 2380MB TV 1920×1080
Docomo d-01K d-01K 2748-2749MB Tablet 1200×1920
Docomo d-02K d-02K 2743-2748MB Tablet 1200×1920
Dolamee D8 DV8235 1990MB TV 1920×1080 Movix Pro SEI200 1988MB TV 1920×1080
Dragontouch M7 M7 1958MB Tablet 1024×600;600×1024
Dragontouch DragonTouch MAX-10 2770MB Tablet 1920×1200
Dragontouch DragonTouch MAX-10_EEA 2770MB Tablet 1200×1920
Dragontouch Dragon_Touch MAX_10 1819-2770MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Dragontouch MAX_10_eea MAX_10_EEA 2770-2824MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Dragontouch NotePad_101_B NotePad_101_B 2770-2824MB Tablet 1280×800
Dragontouch NotePad_102 NotePad_102 2824MB Tablet 800×1280
Dragontouch NotePad_Y80 NotePad_Y80 1958MB Tablet 800×1280
Dragontouch Notepad-K10 Notepad-K10 1904MB Phone 800×1280
Dragontouch Notepad102 Notepad102 2770MB Tablet 800×1280
Dragontouch Notepad102_EEA Notepad102_EEA 2770MB Tablet 800×1280
Dragontouch Notepad_Go_801 Notepad_Go_801 1938MB Tablet 800×1280
Dragontouch S10M S10M 1935MB Tablet 600×1024
Dragontouch T10M T10M 3778MB Tablet 800×1280
Dragontouch X7 X7 2048MB Tablet 1024×600
Dragontouch X80 Plus X80PLUS 1924MB Tablet 768×1024
Dragontouch Y80 Y80 1960MB Tablet 800×1280
Dragontouch Y88X Plus Y88X_A 1024MB Tablet 1024×600
Dragontouch Y88X_PRO_EEA Y88X_PRO 1959MB Tablet 1024×600
Dragontouch Y88X__PLUS Y88X__PLUS 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Dual BDL0948 BDL0948 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Dunns ETAB_M9041G ETAB_M9041G 921MB Tablet 600×1024
Durabrand Central America hanyang 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Durabrand Central America nippori 907MB TV 1280×720
Duubee DT1052 DT1052 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
Dynalink STI6130-D350 sti6130d350 1987MB TV 1920×1080
Dyon Dyon bangbae 1350MB TV 1920×1080
Dyon Dyon komagome 909MB TV 1280×720
E-Tel E-tel_Q5 E-tel_Q5 950MB Tablet 800×1280
E-Tel Q25 Q25 955MB Tablet 600×1024
EACHPAI 86v 86v 981MB Tablet 1024×600
EACHPAI Q8 Q8 1996MB Tablet 1024×600
EACRUGGED Wolf10R Wolf10R 3804MB Phone 800×1280
EASYTECK EK10 EK10 1914MB Tablet 1280×800
EDENWOOD EDENWOOD komagome 908MB TV 1280×720
EGOTEK Venus10 Venus10 3923MB Tablet 1280×800
EKO EKO bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
EKO Australia hanyang 1337MB TV 1920×1080
EKO EKO komagome 907MB TV 1280×720
EKO Australia nippori 907MB TV 1280×720
ELO Touch PayPoint® for Android Elo-PP3-13 2847MB Tablet 1920×1080
ELO Touch PayPoint® Plus for Android Elo-PP3-15 2847MB Tablet 1080×1920
ELO Touch I-Series 3.0 for Android Elo-i3-10Std 2848MB Tablet 1280×800
ELO Touch Elo-i3-15Std Elo-i3-15Std 2847MB Tablet 1920×1080
ELO Touch I-Series 3.0 for Android Elo-i3-22Std 2847MB Tablet 1920×1080
ELO Touch Elo-i3-PUCK Elo-i3-PUCK 1842MB Tablet 1920×1080
ELO Touch M50 M50 3670MB Phone 720×1280
ELO Touch M50C M50C 3670MB Phone 720×1280
EMCALI N9119M N9119M 1989MB TV 1920×1080
ENACOM PIXBA2019 PIXBA2019 969MB Tablet 800×1280
ENDO Lighting FX_438N FX_438N 1968MB Tablet 1024×600
EONSmartBox CHOTT0102 CHOTT0102 1988MB TV 1920×1080
EONSmartBox SDOTT0202 DV8519 1989MB TV 1920×1080
EPIKONE TX800 TX800 880MB Phone 800×1280
EVEREST-EVERPAD DC-M700 DC-M700 1970MB Tablet 1024×600
EVEREST-EVERPAD DC-1032 mid1032_mk 1988MB Tablet 800×1280
EVEREST-EVERPAD DC-8015 mid7015_mk 1993MB Tablet 600×1024
EXCEED EX10S10 EX10S10 2770MB Tablet 1280×800
EXCEED EX10S4 EX10S4 1913MB Tablet 1280×800
EXCEED EX7S4 EX7S4 902MB Tablet 600×1024
EXCEED EX7W1 EX7W1 952MB Tablet 600×1024
EXCEED EX7W1S EX7W1S 1930MB Tablet 600×1024
EXCEED EX7W4 EX7W4 1866MB Tablet 600×1024
EXCEED EX8S1 EX8S1 2770MB Tablet 800×1280
EXO S.A. EXO_Wave_i716 EXO_Wave_i716 969MB Tablet 600×1024
EXO S.A. Wave_i007Kids Wave_i007Kids 981MB Tablet 600×1024
EXO S.A. Wave i007T Wave_i007T 981MB Tablet 600×1024
EXO S.A. Wave_i101G Wave_i101G 1688MB Phone 800×1280
EXO S.A. wave-i007w wave-i007w 984MB Tablet 1024×600
EcoStar EcostarTV shibuya 903MB TV 1280×720
Edong 1EY4G 1EY4G 1819MB Tablet 800×1280
Edong LOL-775 LOL_775 1024MB Tablet 1024×600
Einstein ENTAB3 ENTAB3 1996MB Tablet 1280×800
Eks Mobility x7 X7 1906MB Tablet 600×1024
Elecost QuadTab E10.1 QuadTab_E101 1963MB Tablet 1280×800
Element USA & CANADA Tiger838 1762MB TV 1920×1080
Elink Winnovo T7 1968MB Tablet 600×1024
Elitelux Australia yeongdeungpo 1337MB TV 1920×1080
ElliQ ElliQTablet ElliQTablet 1937MB Tablet 800×1280
Elsys ETRI01 SEI103 982-984MB TV 1280×720
Elsys ETRI02 tai 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Ematic Jetstream AGT418 DV8235 1988-1991MB TV 1920×1080
Ematic EGQ101 EGQ101 1796MB Tablet 800×1280
Ematic EGQ235SK EGQ235SK 916MB Tablet 600×1024
Ematic EGQ236BD EGQ236BD 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Ematic EGQ238BD EGQ238BD 954MB Tablet 800×1280
Ematic Ematic EGQ239BD 954MB Tablet 800×1280
Ematic EGQ375 EGQ375 984MB Tablet 1024×600
Ematic FunTab4 FunTab4 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Ematic 7” dvd tablet PBDV704DVD 980MB Tablet 600×1024
Ematic PBSKD7200 PBSKD7200 1957MB Tablet 1024×600
Emtec PBSKD7001 PBSKD7001 982MB Tablet 1024×600
Engel ENGEL bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Engel LE3290ATV osaki 907MB TV 1280×720
Entity ENT1529I20 ENT1529I20 1956MB Tablet 1280×800
Entity ENT15QF220 ENT15QF220 1956MB Tablet 800×1280
Entity ENT75QF620_EEA ENT75QF620 949MB Tablet 1024×600
Epson STI6110 Bushi 1990MB TV 1920×1080
Epson SMF2 sti6200d101 2006MB TV 1920×1080
Ergo Tablet_PC Tablet_PC 1928MB Tablet 1280×800
Erito Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
EssentielB Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
EssentielB SmartTab1007 SmartTAB1007 1970MB Tablet 1280×800
EssentielB SmartTAB1008 SmartTAB1008 2959MB Tablet 1920×1200
Estar MID1020L MID1020L 3812MB Tablet 1920×1200
Estar eSTAR GRAND HD Quad Core MID1298 985MB Tablet 1024×600
Estar eSTAR BEAUTY 2 HD Quad core MID7388 985MB Tablet 1024×600
Estar MID7399 MID7399 1959MB Tablet 1024×600
Estar MID7399_BM MID7399_BM 1956MB Tablet 1024×600
Estar MID7399_HP MID7399_HP 1956MB Tablet 1024×600
Estar MID7399_SD MID7399_SD 1956MB Tablet 600×1024
Estar MID7399_WW MID7399_WW 1956MB Tablet 1024×600
Estar Lithuania tamachi 907MB TV 1280×720
Estar Lithuania yeongdeungpo 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Estla UHD Android TV sindorim 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Euskaltel Euskaltel dciw384eus 1395MB TV 1920×1080
Evercoss M80 EVERCOSS_M80 1796MB Phone 800×1280
Evercoss X8 X8 2824MB Tablet 800×1280
Evercoss X8_3gb X8_3gb 2770MB Phone 800×1280
Evercoss X9 X9 2770MB Tablet 800×1280
Everex Fine 7B Fine_7B 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Everis E0109 E0109 972MB Tablet 600×1024
Everis E0111 E0111 968MB Tablet 800×1280
Everis E0112 E0112 969MB Tablet 600×1024
Everis E0113 E0113 964MB Tablet 800×1280
Everis E0114 E0114 2975MB Tablet 1280×800
Everis E0115 E0115 973MB Tablet 600×1024
Everis E0117 E0117 1928MB Tablet 1280×800
Everpad EW2021 EVERPAD-EW2021 1975MB Tablet 600×1024
Everpad SC730 EVERPAD-SC730 968MB Tablet 1024×600
Everpad EW2010 EW2010 1974MB Tablet 1280×800
Everpad EW2020 EW2020 1976MB Tablet 600×1024
Everpad EW2022 EW2022 1976MB Tablet 600×1024
Everpad HappyKids HappyKids 982MB Tablet 1024×600
Evertek E7224HG E7224HG 958MB Tablet 600×1024
Evertek E8224HG E8224HG 1945MB Tablet 800×1280
Evoo EV-A-101-1 EV-A-101-1 954MB Tablet 1280×800
Evoo EV-A-101-3 EV-A-101-3 954MB Tablet 1280×800
Evoo EV-A-116-1 EV-A-116-1 954MB Tablet 1024×600
Evoo EV-A-133-1 EV-A-133-1 1953MB Tablet 1080×1920
Evoo EV-A-156-1 EV-A-156-1 1957MB Tablet 1920×1080
Evoo EV-A-81-7-1 EV-A-81-7-1 954MB Tablet 600×1024
Evoo EV-A-81-8-1 EV-A-81-8-1 954MB Tablet 800×1280
Evoo EV-A-81-8-2 EV-A-81-8-2 954MB Tablet 800×1280
Evvoli Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Evvoli Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Excelvan SMY-M07R7 SMY_M07R7 981-982MB Tablet 1024×600;600×1024
Express Gifts Limited EGL11QF6 EGL11QF6 967MB Tablet 800×1280
Express Gifts Limited EGL1529I EGL1529I 1958MB Tablet 1280×800
Express Gifts Limited EGL15QF6 EGL15QF6 952MB Tablet 1280×800
Express Gifts Limited EGLM103 EGLM103 981MB Tablet 1280×800
Express Gifts Limited EGLMW1528I EGLMW1528I 954MB Tablet 1024×600
Express Gifts Limited R726 R726 985MB Tablet 1024×600
F&U (Fandu) Greece tamachi 907MB TV 1280×720
F&U (Fandu) Greece yeongdeungpo 1337MB TV 1920×1080
FANGOR UJ_1098 UJ_1098 974MB Tablet 1024×600
FCC Movil GK738_3G GK738_3G 920MB Tablet 600×1024
FFFSMARTLIFE FFFTAB10 FFFTAB10 2954MB Tablet 1920×1200
FPT Telecom FPT ATV Play Box DV8236 992MB TV 1920×1080
FPT Telecom FPT Play Box + DV8536-KVF 1987MB TV 1920×1080
FPT Telecom SEI500FPT SEI500FPT 1987MB TV 1920×1080
FPT Telecom SEI610FPT SEI610FPT 1987MB TV 1920×1080
FPT Trading A15 A15_01 1702MB TV 1920×1080
Facime FLEET_7 FLEET_7 904MB Tablet 600×1024
Famous Fones Famous_TAB_10 Famous_TAB_10 904MB Tablet 1280×800
Flnet BANDOTT ba101 1718-1991MB TV 1920×1080
Flnet BANDOTT Sandwich ba201 1718MB TV 1920×1080
Flow FlowBox-F1 HP40A2 1988MB TV 1920×1080
Fluo T100020_EEA T100020_EEA 971MB Tablet 800×1280
Fluo T100020_TR T100020_TR 971MB Tablet 1280×800
Ford Omni 8 Omni8 3843MB Tablet 1200×1920
Formuler GTV GTV 2008MB TV 1920×1080
Free Vision FR-CK718 FR-CK718 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Freebox Mini 4K fbx6lc 1446-2021MB TV 1920×1080
Freebox Mini 4K fbx6lcv2 1398-1418MB TV 1920×1080
Freebox Freebox Player POP fbx8am 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Fresh FreshTV shinagawa 907MB TV 1280×720
Fujitsu F-02K F02K 3739-3740MB Tablet 1600×2560;2560×1600
Fujitsu F-04H F04H 2828-2832MB Tablet 1600×2560;2560×1600
Fujitsu Patio730 Patio730 2738MB Tablet 2560×1600
Funai Electric POE-SMB400-FN1 daitou 1857MB TV 1920×1080
Funai Electric Smart TV peach 2958MB TV 1920×1080
Fusion5 F104Bv2 F104Bv2 968MB Tablet 800×1280
Fusion5 F104Bv2_PRO F104Bv2_PRO 1950MB Tablet 1280×800
Fusion5 F104BvII_PRO F104BvII_PRO 1950MB Tablet 1280×800
Fusion5 F104EvII F104EvII 2934MB Tablet 800×1280
Fusion5 F104EvII_EEA F104EvII_EEA 2934MB Tablet 1280×800
Fusion5 F104EvII_PRO F104EvII_PRO 2934MB Tablet 800×1280
Fusion5 F104EvII_PRO_EEA F104EvII_PRO_EEA 2934MB Tablet 800×1280
Fusion5 F105D_128GB F105D_128GB 3752MB Tablet 800×1280
Fusion5 F105Dv2 F105Dv2 3811MB Tablet 1280×800
Fusion5 F704Bv2 F704Bv2 1956MB Tablet 600×1024
Fusion5 F704Bv2_EEA F704Bv2_EEA 1956MB Tablet 600×1024
Fusion5 Fusion5_108 Fusion5_108 1919MB Tablet 1080×1920
Fusion5 Fusion5_F104Bv2 Fusion5_F104Bv2 965-967MB Tablet 800×1280
Fusion5 Fusion5_F104E_EEA Fusion5_F104E 1960MB Tablet 1280×800
Fusion5 Fusion5_F105D Fusion5_F105D 1914-1916MB Tablet 800×1280
Fusion5 Fusion5_F704B Fusion5_F704B 971MB Tablet 1024×600
Fusion5 KD095 KD095 971MB Tablet 600×1024
Fusion5 KD095_EEA KD095_EEA 971MB Tablet 600×1024
Fusion5 T099 T099 1995MB Tablet 1024×600
Future Mobile Technology FXT113R FXT113R 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Future Mobile Technology FXT810R FXT810R 1959MB Tablet 1280×800
Future Mobile Technology FXTK13R FXTK13R 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Future Mobile Technology ROBI ROBI 1958MB Tablet 600×1024
G-Guard fushan_Guard hamamatsucho 903MB TV 1280×720
G-Guard G GuardTV shibuya 903MB TV 1280×720
G-Guard xiaoyushan_emG xiaoyushan 1828MB TV 1920×1080
G-TOUCH SPEED_2021 SPEED_2021 1906MB Tablet 600×1024
G-Tab F10 F10 1930MB Tablet 800×1280
G-Tab F8 F8 1866MB Phone 800×1280
G-Tab N28 N28 2770MB Tablet 800×1280
G-Tab N281 N281 1866MB Tablet 800×1280
G-Tab P2000 P2000 922MB Tablet 1280×800
G-Tab P733 P733 920MB Tablet 600×1024
G-Tab Q2 Q2 922MB Tablet 1024×600
G-Tab Q2S Q2S 915MB Tablet 600×1024
G-Tab Q3 Q3 915MB Tablet 1024×600
G-Tab Q4 Q4 922MB Tablet 600×1024
G-Tab Q5 Q5 915MB Tablet 1024×600
G-Tab Q69 Q69 981MB Tablet 600×1024
G-Tab Q7 Q7 981MB Tablet 1024×600
G-Tab S10 S10 1938MB Tablet 800×1280
G-Tab S12 S12 1930MB Phone 1280×800
G-Tab S20 S20 2770MB Phone 1280×800
G-Tab S3 S3 1930MB Tablet 800×1280
G-Tab S8 S8 1930MB Phone 800×1280
G-TiDE EX750 EX750 1852MB Tablet 800×1280
GENESIS GT-7550 GT-7550 880MB Tablet 600×1024
GEOFOX GEOFOX_MID743 GEOFOX_MID743 955MB Tablet 600×1024
GFive Gpad701 Gpad701 981MB Tablet 1024×600
GHIA KIDS GTKIDS7 GTKIDS7 982MB Tablet 1024×600
GIRASOLE TAB5 TAB5 920MB Tablet 600×1024
GOODTEL G6 G6 968MB Tablet 600×1024
GOODTEL G6_EEA G6_EEA 968MB Tablet 1024×600
GOtv SEI600GO HND 1987MB TV 1920×1080
GP-electronic YC-102D YC-102D 1959MB Tablet 800×1280
GP-electronic YC-3135D YC-3135D 981MB Phone 480×800
GP-electronic YC-83T YC-83T 949MB Tablet 1280×800
GREATASIA E101GC4G E101GC4G 3714MB Tablet 1280×800
GREATASIA E101GCM E101GCM 953MB Phone 800×1280
GREATASIA Pad_M30 Pad_M30 2861MB Phone 800×1280
GREATASIA Z8 Z8 1829MB Phone 800×1280
GTPL Inspire 4.0 Inspire_4 1994MB Phone 800×1280
GTPL Shockwave Shockwave 1994MB Phone 800×1280
Galactic ETAB_M7043G ETAB_M7043G 920MB Tablet 600×1024
Gasei S.A. MGTABX MGTABX 1996MB Tablet 1024×600
Gasei S.A. SENSE701 SENSE701 916MB Tablet 600×1024
Gasei S.A. Retailer Stores SENSE901 916MB Tablet 600×1024
Gateway GWAT10_1 GWAT10_1 1996MB Tablet 1280×800
Gateway GWAT8_1 GWAT8_1 1996MB Tablet 800×1280
Geanee HT-001 HT-001 1961MB Tablet 1280×800
Geanee JT07-90 JT07-90 969MB Tablet 600×1024
Geanee JT10-90 JT10-90 1961MB Tablet 1280×800
Gear Mobile Feel_1008S Feel_1008S 1971MB Tablet 1280×800
Gear Mobile Feel_7013N Feel_7013N 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Gear Mobile Feel_8002N Feel_8002N 981MB Tablet 800×1280
Gear Mobile Space Space 952MB Tablet 1024×600
Gen2Wave RP70A RP70A 3596MB Phone 1280×800
General Mobile e-tab 20 e-tab20 3729MB Tablet 1200×1920
General Mobile e-tab 20 e-tab20_variant 3729MB Tablet 1920×1200
Geniatech ATV495MAX enjoytv 1720-2007MB TV 1920×1080
Geniatech Enjoytv_hybrid enjoytv_hybrid 1672MB TV 1920×1080
Geo (GeoTechVision) GEO10 GEO10 3789MB Tablet 1920×1200
Geshem GS81TE GS81TE 3765MB Phone 800×1280
Get Get Box dciw387get 1694MB TV 1920×1080
Getac MX50 mx50 1901-3844MB Tablet 1280×720
Getac ZX70 zx70 1898-3853MB Tablet 1280×720
Getac ZX70G2 zx70g2 3743MB Phone 720×1280
Ghia A7_3G A7_3G 915MB Tablet 1024×600
Ghia A7_SLIM A7_SLIM 982MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia A7_WF A7_WF 982MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia AXIS7_LED AXIS7_LED 982MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia AXIS7_SLIM AXIS7_SLIM 982MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia GHIA_A7 GHIA_A7 974MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia GHIA_AXIS7 GHIA_AXIS7 980MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia GHIA_AXIS7P GHIA_AXIS7P 974MB Tablet 1024×600
Ghia GHIA_VECTOR_3G GHIA_VECTOR_3G 1905MB Tablet 1280×800
Ghia GTA7PLUS GTA7PLUS 1976MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia GTA7WF GTA7WF 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia GTAB718 GTAB718 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia GTABKIDS GTABKIDS 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Ghia GTABPND GTABPND 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Ghia GTKIDS7A GTKIDS7A 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Ghia GTKIDS7B GTKIDS7B 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Ghia GTKIDS7R GTKIDS7R 984MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia GTKIDS7R8 GTKIDS7R8 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Ghia GTKIDS7V GTKIDS7V 984MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia GTPND7 GTPND7 982MB Tablet 1024×600
Ghia GTVR10S GTVR10S 968MB Tablet 1280×800
Ghia TREO_TAB8G TREO_TAB8G 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia VECTOR10.1 VECTOR10_1 980MB Tablet 600×1024
Ghia VECTOR_SLIM VECTOR_SLIM 982MB Tablet 800×1280
Ghia VECTOR_SLIM2 VECTOR_SLIM2 982MB Tablet 1280×800
Ghia Vector_3G Vector_3G 1935MB Tablet 800×1280
Ghia Venus7 Venus7 1958MB Tablet 600×1024
Gini GINI_Tab_V8 GINI_Tab_V8 2975MB Tablet 800×1280
Globe Phoenix Springboard CS790Pro 1958MB Tablet 1200×1920
Globe Phoenix DX768Pro DX768Pro 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Globe Telecom SEI-120G SEI120G 982-984MB TV 1280×720
GoClever QUANTUM_3_1010_MOBILE TQ31010MO 904MB Tablet 800×1280
Gol Mobile Team73G Team73G 956MB Tablet 600×1024
Gol Mobile Team_7 Team_7 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Goldentec GT_Tab GT_Tab 968MB Tablet 600×1024
Goldmaster BENGAL_6 BENGAL_6 1980MB Tablet 800×1280
Goldmaster F_4 F_4 974MB Tablet 800×1280
Goldtech GT10-B16 GT10-B16 952MB Tablet 1024×600
Goldtech GT7-B16 GT7-B16 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Goldtech GT_Tab_3G GT_Tab_3G 935MB Tablet 600×1024
Gonna Zebra Zebra 984MB Tablet 1024×600
Google Pixelbook atlas_cheets 7869MB Chromebook 1920×1080
Google Intel Apollo Lake Chromebook coral_cheets 3827MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Google Intel Jasper Lake Chromebook dedede_cheets 3789MB Chromebook 1366×768
Google Pixel C dragon 2787MB Tablet 2560×1800
Google Chromebook 14 (CB3-431) edgar_cheets 3885-3894MB Chromebook 1080×1920;1366×768
Google Pixelbook eve_cheets 7869-7871MB Chromebook 2400×1600
Google Chromebox fizz_cheets 3843-7869MB Chromebook 1366×768;1920×1080
Google gcar emulator generic_x86 1494-1994MB Android Automotive 1080×1920;1280×720;2560×1440
Google AMD Stoney Ridge Chromebook grunt_cheets 3886MB Chromebook 1366×768
Google Mediatek MTK8173 Chromebook hana_cheets 3936MB Chromebook 1366×768
Google Intel Comet Lake U Chromebook hatch_cheets 7838MB Chromebook 1920×1080
Google Mediatek MT8173 Chromebook jacuzzi_cheets 3897MB Chromebook 1366×768
Google Rockchip RK3288 Chromebook jerry_cheets 4014MB Chromebook 1366×768
Google Mediatek MT8183 Tablet kukui_cheets 3897MB Chromebook 1920×1200
Google Rockchip RK3288 Chromebook mighty_cheets 4014-4015MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Google Intel Kaby Lake U Chromebook nami_cheets 3843-7869MB Chromebook 1080×1920;1920×1080
Google Pixel Slate nocturne_cheets 7869MB Chromebook 3000×2000
Google Intel Gemini Lake Chromebook octopus_cheets 3805MB Chromebook 1366×912
Google Chromebox puff_cheets 7838MB Chromebook 1920×1080
Google Intel Amber Lake Y Chromebook rammus_cheets 3843MB Chromebook 1920×1080
Google Intel Apollo Lake Chromebook reef_cheets 3827-3828MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Google Intel Braswell Chromebook relm_cheets 3885-3894MB Chromebook 1366×768
Google Chromecast Google TV sabrina 1986MB TV 1920×1080
Google Chromebook Pixel (2015) samus_cheets 15953-15961MB Chromebook 1700×2560;2560×1700
Google Qualcomm SC7180 Chromebook trogdor_cheets 3874MB Chromebook 1920×1080
Google Intel Tiger Lake Chromebook volteer_cheets 7815MB Chromebook 1920×1080
Google Intel Braswell Chromebook wizpig_cheets 3885-3894MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Google AMD Raven Ridge Chromebook zork_cheets 3891MB Chromebook 1366×768
Gplus LTE960Plus LTE960Plus 1915MB Tablet 800×1280
Gradiente GTB_106 GTB_106 982MB Tablet 1024×600
Greatwall K701 K701 982MB Tablet 1024×600
Greatwall W710 W710 982MB Tablet 600×1024
Greentel A8 A8 1906MB Tablet 800×1280
Greentel Greentel-A10 Greentel-A10 2770MB Tablet 800×1280
Grolier GSR2 GSR2 2970MB Tablet 800×1280
Grundig Grundig Android TV sinchon 1350MB TV 1920×1080
Grunhelm GT9HD32 ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
Grunkel Spain tamachi 907MB TV 1280×720
HAKO HAKO mini GMP 1990MB TV 1920×1080
HANYEAL E101GC E101GC 3756-4008MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
HDC S.A. H10_ONE H10_ONE 1975MB Tablet 600×1024
HDC S.A. H7_ONE H7_ONE 980MB Tablet 1024×600
HDC S.A. T700B T700B 981MB Tablet 1024×600
HDC S.A. HDC TK718 981MB Tablet 1024×600
HDD SAT Tab_i_excess Tab_i_excess 972MB Tablet 600×1024
HP HP Chromebook 13 G1 chell_cheets 7871-7872MB Chromebook 1800×3199;3200×1800
HP HP Chromebook 11 G5 / 11-vxxx setzer_cheets 3885-3894MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 EE snappy_cheets 3827MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
HP Chromebook x2 soraka_cheets 3843-3845MB Chromebook 1600×2400;2400×1600
HRSolutions HRS2000 HRS2000 3883MB Tablet 800×1280
HTC Nexus 9 flounder 1835-1836MB Tablet 1536×2048
HTC Nexus 9 LTE flounder_lte 1835-1836MB Tablet 1536×2048
HYUNDAI_MAESTRO HDT-7427GU HDT-7427GU 955MB Tablet 600×1024
HYUNDAI_MAESTRO HDT-7433X HDT-7433X 981-985MB Tablet 1024×600;600×1024
HYUNDAI_MAESTRO HDT-9421GU HDT-9421GU 955MB Tablet 600×1024
HYUNDAI_MAESTRO HDT-9433X HDT-9433X 985MB Tablet 600×1024
HYUNDAI_MAESTRO HDT_1064GS HDT_1064GS 916MB Tablet 800×1280
HYUNDAI_MAESTRO HDT_7433H_PLUS HDT_7433H_PLUS 984MB Tablet 600×1024
Haehne HAEHNE_M7 HAEHNE_M7 982MB Tablet 1024×600
Haier A81G A81G 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Haier M53-52401 M53-52401 1829MB Tablet 800×1280
Haier P20 P20 3778MB Tablet 1920×1200
Haier APAC hanyang 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Haier Mexico,Central America, Korea hongik 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Haier APAC nippori 907MB TV 1280×720
Haier North America uguisudani 903MB TV 1280×720
HaloBop (ShenZhen) BG001 HelloGenius 1995MB Tablet 1024×600
Hamlet XZPAD412LTE XZPAD412LTE 1913MB Tablet 1280×800
Hamlet Hamlet_XZPAD412W XZPAD412W 1971MB Tablet 800×1280
Hamlet XZPAD470LTE XZPAD470LTE 891MB Tablet 600×1024
HannSpree HSG1416 HANNSPAD 1957-2846MB Tablet 1080×1920;1366×768
HannSpree HSG1351 HSG1351 1959MB Tablet 1080×1920
HannSpree HSG1415 HSG1415 2934MB Tablet 1280×800
Harman TV JBL link bar atom 1988MB TV 1920×1080
Hatch 101S 101S 1987MB Tablet 1280×800
Hathway OTH-100 SEI103 984MB TV 1280×720
Hathway DVB-ATV100 SEI111H 983-984MB TV 1280×720
HexaByte HB_X7 HB_X7 958MB Tablet 600×1024
HiMedia S500 HiBox 1857MB TV 1920×1080
High_Q ELT0704H ELT0704H 980MB Tablet 600×1024
High_Q ELT0706H ELT0706H 954MB Tablet 600×1024
High_Q ELT0802H ELT0802H 975MB Tablet 800×1280
Hihi HIHI-40KH-TAB-01 HIHI-40KH-TAB 2848MB Tablet 1920×1200
Hihi HIHI-41KH-TAB-1 HIHI-41KH-TAB-1 2831MB Tablet 1920×1200
Hihi HIHI-41KH-TAB-1-EEA HIHI-41KH-TAB-1-EEA 2830MB Tablet 1920×1200
Hisense HITV101C HITV101C 3728MB Tablet 1200×1920
Hisense E22 HITV102C 3728MB Tablet 1200×1920
Hisense HITV105C HITV105C 3728MB Tablet 800×1280
Hisense fushan_em hamamatsucho 903-907MB TV 1280×720
Hisense H5500F harajuku 903MB TV 1280×720
Hisense huangshan huangshan 1971MB TV 1920×1080
Hisense laohushan laohushan 1828MB TV 1920×1080
Hisense 9980 taishan 2429MB TV 1920×1080
Hisense xiaoyushan-em xiaoyushan 1828-1829MB TV 1920×1080
Hisense xinhaoshan xinhaoshan 1306MB TV 1920×1080
Hitachi Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Hitachi Hitachi bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Hitachi Hitachi komagome 909MB TV 1280×720
Hitachi LD50CHS04U samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Hitachi HitachiTV shinjuku 907MB TV 1280×720
Hllo 8TT-A_EEA 8TT-A 2844MB Phone 1280×800
Homatics SEI600HM HND 1987MB TV 1920×1080
Homeplustv Homeplus_ATV HCA-6010 HCA6010 1789MB TV 1920×1080
Hometech ALFA10TB ALFA10TB 3877MB Tablet 800×1280
Hometech ALFA_10BS ALFA_10BS 2936MB Tablet 800×1280
Hometech ALFA 10RC ALFA_10RC 954MB Tablet 800×1280
Hometech ALFA_10RX ALFA_10RX 1959MB Tablet 800×1280
Hometech ALFA_10YC ALFA_10YC 3851MB Phone 1280×800
Hometech ALFA_7M ALFA_7M 971MB Tablet 600×1024
Hometech Turkey ALFA_7MRC 1956MB Tablet 600×1024
Hometech ALFA_7RC ALFA_7RC 954MB Tablet 1024×600
Hometech EMEA ALFA_7RS 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Hometech ALFA 8RC ALFA_8RC 954MB Tablet 1280×800
Hometech ALFA 8RX ALFA_8RX 1959MB Tablet 800×1280
Hometech ALFA_8SL ALFA_8SL 968MB Tablet 800×1280
Hometech ALFA_8ST ALFA_8ST 1983MB Tablet 800×1280
Hometech HT_7RT Tablet PC HT_7RT 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Hometech HT_8MZ HT_8MZ 1476MB Tablet 800×1280
Hometech HOMETECH mid7015_32 1993MB Tablet 600×1024
Honeywell TA60A TA60A-L0-C 3681-3738MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Honeywell TA60A TA60A-L1-C 3681-3738MB Tablet 1920×1200
Honeywell VM1A VM1A-L0-N 3734-3738MB Tablet 1280×768;768×1280
Honeywell VM1A VM1A-L0-P 3734-3738MB Tablet 768×1280
Honeywell VM3A VM3A-L0-N 3738MB Tablet 1024×768
Honeywell VM3A VM3A-L0-P 3738MB Tablet 1024×768
Hoozo HZ0010 HZ0010 950MB Phone 800×1280
Hoozo HZ0010J HZ0010J 1966MB Phone 1280×800
Hoozo HZ0011 HZ0011 1953MB Phone 800×1280
Hoozo HZ1012 HZ1012 1942MB Tablet 1280×800
Hoozo KTLA133 KTLA133 1974MB Tablet 1280×800
Hoozo MA768 MA768 1464MB Tablet 1024×600
Hoozo MR768 MR768 1958MB Tablet 600×1024
Hoozo MZ10863 MZ10863 904MB Tablet 800×1280
Hoozo MZ10863W MZ10863W 950MB Phone 800×1280
Hoozo YK_P30 YK_P30 3832MB Tablet 1280×800
How 1001_G 1001-G_Go 904MB Tablet 1024×600
How HT-705XS HT-705XS 981MB Tablet 600×1024
How HT-705 HT705 984MB Tablet 600×1024
How HT705GO HT705GO-01 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Huawei HUAWEI MediaPad T3 10 HWAGS-Q 1857-1863MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Huawei 荣耀平板5 HWAGS2 1743-3874MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Huawei 华为平板 M5 青春版 HWBAH2 2747-3874MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Huawei 华为平板 C5 HWBZT 2866-3756MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Huawei HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Pro HWCMR 3715-3871MB Tablet 1600×2560;2560×1600
Huawei HUAWEI MediaPad M5 10.8 HWCMR09 3715-3871MB Tablet 1600×2560;2560×1600
Huawei 荣耀Waterplay 8英寸 HWHDL 3756-3874MB Phone 1200×1920
Huawei HUAWEI MediaPad M5 lite HWJDN2 2715-3866MB Phone 1200×1920;1920×1200
Huawei HUAWEI MediaPad M5 8.4 HWSHT 3715-3871MB Phone 1600×2560;2560×1600
HumaxDigital Descodificador Orange TV b604tnw 1437-1444MB TV 1920×1080
HumaxDigital FVP-4KGTR fvp4kgtr 2287MB TV 1920×1080
HumaxDigital H5_DLIVE h5mini 1988-1991MB TV 1920×1080
HumaxDigital TMAU400 tmau400 1775MB TV 1920×1080
HumaxDigital VISION W1 vision 1991MB TV 1920×1080
Hurricane T10 T10 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Huskee HELIOS_Plus HELIOS_Plus 915MB Tablet 600×1024
Huskee ST-810 ST-810 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Hykker Smart Box Android TV DV8038 985MB TV 1280×720
Hyundai 10LA2 10LA2 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
Hyundai 7LB1 7LB1 1904MB Tablet 600×1024
Hyundai Koral_7LC1 7LC1 889MB Tablet 600×1024
Hyundai HDT-7433H HDT-7433H 985MB Tablet 1024×600
Hyundai Hyundai Koral_7XL HT0701L16 1919MB Tablet 600×1024
Hyundai HT0702W08 HT0702W08 916MB Tablet 600×1024
Hyundai HT0703W08 HT0703W08 984MB Tablet 1024×600
Hyundai Hyundai Koral_7M4 HT0704K08 920MB Tablet 600×1024
Hyundai HT0705W08/Koral_7W4 HT0705W08 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Hyundai HT0802W16/Koral_8W2 HT0802W16 1960MB Tablet 800×1280
Hyundai Koral 10W2 HT1003W16 981MB Tablet 1280×800
Hyundai Koral 10XL HT1004L16 1913MB Tablet 1280×800
Hyundai Koral_10X2 HT1004X16 981MB Tablet 1280×800
Hyundai HY_BDL163G_001 HY_BDL163G_001_EEA 915MB Tablet 1024×600
Hyundai Hyundai_Home Hyundai_Home 1959MB Tablet 1280×800
Hyundai Koral Koral_10WB1 1973MB Tablet 800×1280
Hyundai Koral_10X3 Koral_10X3 1958MB Tablet 800×1280
Hyundai Koral_10XL Koral_10XL 1877MB Tablet 800×1280
Hyundai Koral_7W4X Koral_7W4X 952MB Tablet 1024×600
Hyundai Koral Koral_7WC1 968MB Tablet 600×1024
Hyundai Koral Koral_7WD1 968MB Tablet 600×1024
Hyundai Koral_7XL Koral_7XL 1883MB Tablet 600×1024
Hyundai Koral Koral_8WC1 967MB Tablet 800×1280
Hyundai Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Hyundai Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Hyundai Hyundai bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Hyundai H-LED32ES5008 ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
Hyundai Hyundai komagome 909MB TV 1280×720
Hyundai H-LED50EU7008 samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Hyundai Hyundai 2K TV shinjuku 907MB TV 1280×720
Hyundai HYLED5520A4KM sindorim 1337MB TV 1920×1080
I-Scream E1012T ET1012T 3751MB Tablet 2048×1536
IDEMIA ID Screen ID_Screen 1818-2823MB Tablet 800×1280
IDspire TPSeries_1 TPSeries_1 926MB Tablet 600×1024
IKALL IKALL IKALL 1024MB Tablet 600×1024
INOI inoiPad_mini_3G inoiPad_mini_3G 1930MB Tablet 1024×600
INOVALLEY MID_109_Oreo_BTH MID_109_Oreo_BTH 981MB Tablet 600×1024
INSYS KT9-70RA KT9-70RA 981MB Tablet 1024×600
ION ELECTRONICS Kids Kids 984MB Tablet 1024×600
IQ Touch VIATABQX1040 VIATABQX1040 1856MB Tablet 800×1280
IQ Touch VIATABQX730 VIATABQX730 955MB Tablet 600×1024
IQ Touch VIATABQX740 VIATABQX740 902MB Tablet 600×1024
IRIE FFF-TAB10H FFF-TAB10H 5877MB Tablet 1200×1920
IView Retailer Stores 730TPC 916MB Tablet 1024×600
IView 816TPC 816TPC 1974MB Tablet 800×1280
IView 885TPC 885TPC 1961MB Tablet 800×1280
IView IVIEW IVIEW_1170TPC 916MB Tablet 1280×800
IXTECH IX1011 IX1011 1956MB Tablet 1280×800
IXTECH IX1012 IX1012 3778MB Tablet 1920×1200
IXTECH IX701 IX701 981MB Tablet 600×1024
IZZI Telecom Mexico B820C-A15_ZTE 1989MB TV 1920×1080
IZZI Telecom HP2714 HPH65 1858MB TV 1920×1080
IZZI Telecom SKYWORTH-HY4002 HY40A1 1989MB TV 1920×1080
Icon Portal_10i Portal_10i 1969-1977MB Tablet 1280×800
IguanaPad XM14G XM14G 923MB Tablet 600×1024
Ikimobile Tab4you_6 Tab4you_6 1959MB Tablet 1024×600
Ikon IK-1025 IK-1025 1819MB Tablet 1200×1920
Ikon IKON IK-1028 1930MB Tablet 1280×800
Ikon IK-1106 IK-1106 3778MB Tablet 1920×1080
Ikon IK-787 IK-787 904MB Tablet 600×1024
Ikon IK-869 IK-869 1941MB Tablet 1200×1920
IkuMobile IKU_T3 IKU_T3 920MB Tablet 600×1024
IkuMobile IKU_T_max IKU_T_max 982MB Tablet 600×1024
IkuMobile T6 T6 1853MB Tablet 600×1024
Impression ImPAD_P101 ImPAD_P101 1968MB Tablet 800×1280
Impression ImPAD_P701 ImPAD_P701 1972MB Tablet 600×1024
IndiHome B860H V5.0 B860HV5_Telkom 2008MB TV 1920×1080
Indurama indurama 2K TV shinjuku 907MB TV 1280×720
Infinix 32X1 ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
Infinix 55X1 samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Infocus TAIWAN sindorim 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Ingenico Moby-M100 Moby-M100 1946MB Tablet 1200×1920
Ingenico Moby-M120 Moby-M120 1946MB Tablet 1200×1920
Ingenico Moby-M70 Moby-M70 1970-1972MB Tablet 600×1024
Ingenico Moby-M70g Moby-M70g 1968MB Tablet 1024×600
Ingenico AXIUM D7 axium 1914MB Tablet 800×1280
Innjoo F102 F102 904MB Tablet 1280×800
Innjoo F104 F104 915MB Tablet 1280×800
Innjoo F106 F106 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Innjoo F106_Plus F106_Plus 1930MB Tablet 1280×800
Innjoo Superb Superb 1938MB Tablet 1280×800
Innjoo VOOM_TAB_LTE VOOM_TAB_LTE 3832MB Tablet 800×1280
Innopia IMTCTATV01 IMTCTATV01 835MB TV 1280×720
Inspur IPBS9510 S905 1990-2007MB TV 1920×1080
Intelbras IZY01 DV8038 982MB TV 1280×720
Intex Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Inverse Net LT101 LT101 1995MB Tablet 800×1280
Inves Spain tamachi 907MB TV 1280×720
Ipro MEGA MEGA 955MB Tablet 600×1024
Ipro MEGA MEGA2 955MB Tablet 600×1024
Ipro Mega7 MEGA7 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Iproda T1045LI T1045LI 2974MB Tablet 1280×800
Iproda T7044NP T7044NP 1958MB Tablet 1024×600
Irbis TZ08 TZ08 954MB Tablet 600×1024
Irbis TZ151 TZ151 904MB Tablet 800×1280
Irbis TZ170 TZ170 880MB Tablet 1024×600
Irbis TZ179 TZ179 894MB Tablet 1024×600
Irbis TZ180 TZ180 878MB Tablet 600×1024
Irbis TZ197 TZ197 1907MB Tablet 800×1280
Irbis TZ199 TZ199 1829MB Tablet 1200×1920
Irbis TZ200 TZ200 2767MB Tablet 1920×1200
Irbis TZ719 TZ719 915MB Tablet 600×1024
Irbis TZ722 TZ722 915MB Tablet 600×1024
Irbis TZ772 TZ772 902MB Tablet 600×1024
Irbis TZ797 TZ797 1907MB Tablet 800×1280
Irbis TZ897 TZ897 1907MB Tablet 800×1280
Iris G7060 G7060 902MB Tablet 600×1024
Iris G7100 G7100 955MB Tablet 600×1024
Iris G8060 G8060 897MB Tablet 800×1280
Iris Iris 2K TV shinagawa 907MB TV 1280×720
Isafe IS910.1 IS910_1 2868MB Tablet 1200×1920
Isafe IS930 IS930 3738-4096MB Tablet 1200×1920
Iskon wh220_iskon wh220_iskon 1988MB TV 1920×1080
Itel ITELL_K4700Q ITELL_K4700Q 885MB Tablet 720×1280
Itel itel KidPad 1 Itel-W7001 915MB Tablet 600×1024
Itel G4310IE ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
Itel G5524BE samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Itel itel TV shibuya 903MB TV 1280×720
J:COM XA401 XA401 2380MB TV 1920×1080
J:COM XA402 XA402 2363MB TV 1920×1080
JAY-TECH TPC-G1010 TPC-G1010_EEA 1956MB Tablet 800×1280
JAY-TECH TPC-G109_EEA TPC-G109 1958MB Tablet 800×1280
JEEMAK M70 M70 1955MB Tablet 1024×600
JEEMAK M70E M70E 1955MB Tablet 1024×600
JUSYEA J3 JUSYEA_J3 981MB Tablet 1024×600
JVC AV-08NT310 AV-08NT310 891MB Tablet 1200×1920
JVC AV-10NT310 AV-10NT310 1875MB Tablet 1280×800
JVC AV-11NT510 AV-11NT510 1804MB Phone 1080×1920
JVC 4K_Edition Android_TV_BOX 2008MB TV 1920×1080
JVC Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
JVC Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
JVC JVC bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
JVC Amtran gangbyeon 1337MB TV 1920×1080
JVC LT-40N5115A ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
JVC JVC komagome 907-909MB TV 1280×720
JVC Amtran osaki 907MB TV 1280×720
JVC Dixons sadang 1337MB TV 1920×1080
JVC LT-50N7115A samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
JVC JVC seocho 1337MB TV 1920×1080
JVC LT-50KC507 sindorim 1337MB TV 1920×1080
JVC JVC sugamo 907MB TV 1280×720
JVC UK tabata 909MB TV 1280×720
JVC france tamachi 907MB TV 1280×720
JVL (Australia) JVL070TAB812BLK JVL070TAB812BLK 954MB Tablet 1024×600
JVL (Australia) JVL101TAB811BLK JVL101TAB811BLK 954MB Tablet 1280×800
Japan Digital Serve Amigo7xJDS Amigo7xJDS 1989MB TV 1920×1080
JapanTaxi IRIS ITAB05 IRIS_ITAB05 2849MB Tablet 1200×1920
Jawwy TV JAWWY-TV-2.0 HP40A 1987MB TV 1920×1080
Jenesis A94GT_Plus A94GT_Plus 1957MB Tablet 1280×800
Jenesis JT07-81B JT07-81B 979MB Tablet 600×1024
Jenesis JT10-81B JT10-81B 1975MB Tablet 800×1280
Jettom P2000 P2000 1930MB Phone 1280×800
Jimi K108 K108 3814MB Phone 1280×800
Jooyon UHD Android TV sindorim 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Juniper Systems Cedar CT8 CT8 2851MB Phone 800×1280
Juniper Systems Mesa3 MS3A 5741MB Tablet 800×1280
Jyonetsu Kakaku YMR8 YMR8 977MB Tablet 768×1024
K-ELEC K-ELEC bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
K-Lite, TAB_ALPHA TAB_ALPHA 903MB Tablet 600×1024
KAGIS Australia yeongdeungpo 1337MB TV 1920×1080
KANSELIR KTB-168 KTB-168 1819MB Tablet 800×1280
KCCL N9109M N9109M 983MB TV 1080×1920
KCTV CJ680CM jj680cm 1728MB TV 1280×720
KD Interactive TabXL-Smart-Smart2in1-Tab10 U3A_10_WIFI_KD 952MB Tablet 800×1280
KDDI C02AS5 C02AS5 2374-2397MB TV 1920×1080
KDDI STW2000 H02ST1 1203-1216MB TV 1920×1080
KDDI STA3000 sti6030d111 1988MB TV 1920×1080
KEMPLER STRAUSS 50F1 gangbyeon 1337MB TV 1920×1080
KEMPLER STRAUSS 32FD1 kanda 903MB TV 1280×720
KONDE KD2 KD2 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
KONDE KIDS_FIVE KIDS_FIVE 981-982MB Tablet 1024×600
KONKA KM7012BK KM7012BK 903MB Tablet 600×1024
KONKA TE1011 TE1011 1996MB Tablet 1280×800
KONKA TP701 TP701 981MB Tablet 600×1024
KONKA North America hongik 1337MB TV 1920×1080
KONKA KONKA seocho 1337MB TV 1920×1080
KONKA KONKA sugamo 907MB TV 1280×720
KTC (PD) BLISS_8 BLISS_8 1906MB Tablet 800×1280
KTV PureKTV DV8219 1702-2007MB TV 1920×1080
KUNFT K5132H32H ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
KUNFT K5130H43U samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Kalley K-BOOK73G K_BOOK73G 955MB Tablet 600×1024
Kalley Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
Kalley Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
Kanji KANJI_AC05 KANJI-AC05 982MB Tablet 1280×800
Kanji KJ_AC05 KJAC05 981MB Tablet 1280×800
Kanji KJ_ALFARK KJ_ALFARK 981-1996MB Tablet 600×1024
Kanji KJ_OB02 KJ_OB02 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Kanji KJ_OB03 KJ_OB03 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Kanji KJ_YUBI KJ_YUBI 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Kanji KJ_YU_BI KJ_YU_BI 958MB Tablet 600×1024
KaonMedia KM_SH368AT KM_SH368AT 1726-1729MB TV 1920×1080
KaonMedia KSTB6077 KSTB6077 1587-1642MB TV 1920×1080
Karvy KA7Q3 KA7Q3 958MB Tablet 600×1024
Kbro N97_A1B_72115 A1B_72115 1671MB TV 1920×1080
Kbro N97_A1_3796 A1_3796 1691MB TV 1920×1080
Keian KI-R10 KI-R10 1996MB Tablet 800×1280
Keian KI-R10S KI-R10S 1956MB Tablet 800×1280
Keian KI-R7 KI-R7 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Kelyx AKS01_KL783 AKS01_KL783 937MB Tablet 600×1024
Kids_and_Us KIDSPAD_V2 KIDSPAD_V2 2964MB Tablet 1280×800
Kids_and_Us KIDSPAD Kids_and_Us 2982MB Tablet 800×1280
Kinetic RSTV-A4K-16 DV8219 1988MB TV 1920×1080
Kioto MID1021 MID1021 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Kioto MID1028 MID1028 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Kioto MID1036 MID1036 954MB Tablet 600×1024
Kivi KIVI bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Kivi KIVI komagome 907MB TV 1280×720
Klipad KL1018 KL1018 954MB Tablet 1280×800
Klipad KL1018N_EEA KL1018N_EEA 968MB Tablet 1024×600
Klipad KL1019_EEA KL1019_EEA 968MB Tablet 600×1024
Klipad KL3669_EEA KL3669_EEA 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Klipad KL3678E_EEA KL3678E_EEA 1996MB Tablet 1280×800
Klipad KL4889B_EEA KL4889B 981MB Tablet 1280×800
Klipad KL4890 KL4890 981MB Tablet 1280×800
Klipad KL4891 KL4891 1958MB Tablet 1024×600
Klipad KL4898 KL4898 954MB Tablet 800×1280
Klipad KL4898_A50 KL4898_A50 981MB Tablet 800×1280
Klipad KL6889B KL6889B 980MB Tablet 1024×600
Klipad KL7590_eea KL7590 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Klipad KL7591 KL7591 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Klipad KL8889 KL8889 952MB Tablet 1280×800
Klipad KL9878 KL9878 952MB Tablet 800×1280
Klipad KL9878A_EEA KL9878A_EEA 981MB Tablet 1280×800
Klipad KLI747 KLI747 982MB Tablet 1024×600
Klipad KLI750_EEA KLI750 981MB Tablet 1024×600;600×1024
Klipad KLI758 KLI758 954MB Tablet 1024×600
Klipad KL_6888 KL_6888 985MB Tablet 1024×600
Kogan Australia hanyang 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Kogan KALED32RH9210STA ikebukuro 907MB TV 1280×720
Kogan Australia nippori 907MB TV 1280×720
Kogan KALED50XU9210STA samseong 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Kogan Australia shibuya 903MB TV 1280×720
Kogan Australia yeongdeungpo 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Konrow KONROW KONROW_701X 916MB Tablet 600×1024
Konrow KTAB_1003 KTAB_1003 859MB Tablet 800×1280
Krono 776PLUS KRONO_776PLUS 982MB Tablet 600×1024
Krono NETWORK NETWORK 920MB Tablet 600×1024
Krono NET_MATRIX NET_MATRIX 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Krono NET_MAX NET_MAX 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Krono Net_Max_Go Net_Max_Go 930MB Tablet 1280×800
Krono ULTRA ULTRA 935MB Tablet 600×1024
Kruger&Matz EAGLE_1068 EAGLE_1068 1860MB Tablet 1920×1200
Kruger&Matz EAGLE_961 EAGLE_961 1906MB Phone 800×1280
Kruger&Matz Eagle_702 Eagle_702 1906MB Phone 720×1280
Kruger&Matz EAGLE 1070 KM1070 3742MB Phone 1200×1920
Kurio 1T10 WIFI NEW Aquaman_10_WIFI 973MB Tablet 800×1280
Kurio Kurio Tab Hulk_7_KIDS_WIFI 1453MB Tablet 600×1024
Kurio TabGo Next Connect M7006A 972MB Tablet 1024×600
Kyocera KC-T302DT KC-T302DT 2862MB Tablet 800×1280
Kyocera Qua tab QZ8 KYT32 2868-2876MB Tablet 1200×1920
Kyocera Qua tab QZ10 KYT33 2839-2859MB Tablet 1200×1920
Kyocera DIGNO Tab KYT34 2795MB Tablet 1200×1920
Kyocera KC-T302DT SZJ202 1857MB Tablet 800×1280
LAMINA LTT8A4G_EEA LTT8A4G_EEA 2833MB Phone 800×1280
LBQ (UK) LbQ-F10v2 LbQ-F10v2 1966MB Tablet 1280×800
LBQ (UK) LbQ_F8v2 LbQ_F8v2 1966MB Tablet 800×1280
LEVEL TV 32F1D osaki 907MB TV 1280×720
LEYO EY-TAB8161G EY-TAB8161G 970MB Tablet 800×1280
LG HelloVision K1100UA K1100UA 2662MB TV 1280×720
LGE L-03K L-03K 3642-3643MB Phone 1080×2160
LGE B6 b6 1880-1886MB Tablet 800×1280
LGE LG G Pad F2 8.0 mth8 1869MB Tablet 800×1280
LGE G Pad 5 10.1 FHD tf10 3701MB Tablet 1200×1920
LGE G Pad 5 10.1 FHD tf10w 3701MB Tablet 1200×1920
LGE LG G Pad IV 8.0 FHD LTE tf840 1873-1882MB Tablet 1200×1920
LGU+ U+ tv woofer hg2 941-975MB TV 1280×720
LGU+ U+ tv woofer 1.5 hg2_iot 941-975MB TV 1280×720
LGU+ U+ tv UHD tvg2 941-975MB TV 1280×720
LGU+ U+tv UHD2 tvg2a 938-997MB TV 1920×1080
LGU+ U+tv UHD3 uie4027lgu 1983MB TV 1920×1080
LGU+ U+tv soundbar woofer2 938-997MB TV 1920×1080
LIFE Digital K3102_4G K3102_4G 1796MB Tablet 800×1280
LIFE Digital K3102_W K3102_W 1958MB Tablet 1280×800
LIFE Digital K3102_WIFI K3102_WIFI 954MB Tablet 800×1280
LISTO France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal yeongdeungpo 1337MB TV 1920×1080
LLA Orion SEI500L 1989MB TV 1920×1080
LLOYD Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
LLOYD Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
LNMBBS H11-EEA H11-EEA 1930MB Tablet 800×1280
LNMBBS L201-EEA L201-EEA 3729MB Tablet 1200×1920
LNMBBS L60 L60 3779MB Tablet 1200×1920
LNMBBS P40-EEA P40-EEA 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
LNMBBS P401 P401 2770MB Tablet 1200×1920
LOOQS F102-EEA F102-EEA 2770MB Tablet 1200×1920
LOOQS L108MR L108MR 1960MB Tablet 1280×800
LP (TN) LP_T70_Lite LP_T70_Lite 915MB Tablet 600×1024
LUCOMS Android TV R2 2048MB TV 1920×1080
LUCOMS T05CUA sindorim 1337MB TV 1920×1080
LW LW788 LW788 891MB Tablet 600×1024
Landbyte Lt6248 Lt6248 958MB Tablet 600×1024
Lanix ILIUM_PADE7 ILIUM_PADE7V10 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Lanix LANIX_PAD_E7 ILIUM_PADE7V11 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Lanix IliumPad_RX10 IliumPad_RX10 1956MB Tablet 1280×800
Lanix IliumPad_RX10v3 IliumPad_RX10v3 3778MB Phone 1280×800
Lanix IliumPad_RX7 IliumPad_RX7 950MB Tablet 600×1024
Lanix IliumPad_RX8 IliumPad_RX8 1960MB Tablet 800×1280
Lanix IliumPad_RX8v2 IliumPad_RX8v2 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Lanix IliumPad_RX8v3 IliumPad_RX8v3 2770MB Tablet 800×1280
Lanix Ilium Pad X10 Ilium_Pad_X10 955MB Tablet 800×1280
Lanix Ilium_Pad_X8 Ilium_Pad_X8 950MB Tablet 800×1280
Lanix ilium_PADE10 ilium_PADE10 981MB Tablet 800×1280
Laser GRAND GRAND 935MB Tablet 600×1024
Laser MID_1085A100 MID-1085A100 968MB Tablet 1024×600
Laser MID-1087 MID-1087 953MB Tablet 600×1024
Laser MID-1090IPS MID-1090IPS 948MB Tablet 800×1280
Laser MID_785A100 MID-785A100 968MB Tablet 600×1024
Laser MID-787V8 MID-787V8 920MB Tablet 600×1024
Laser MID-790IPS MID-790IPS 953MB Tablet 600×1024
Laser MID_1085 MID_1085 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Laser MID_1087V9 MID_1087V9 920MB Tablet 1024×600
Laser MID_1089IPS MID_1089IPS 1462MB Tablet 800×1280
Laser MID_1089IPSA100 MID_1089IPSA100 1973MB Tablet 800×1280
Laser MID_1090IPSV9 MID_1090IPSV9 915MB Tablet 1280×800
Laser MID_785 MID_785 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Laser MID_787V9 MID_787V9 920MB Tablet 600×1024
Laser MID_789 MID_789 1996MB Tablet 600×1024
Laser MID_789A100 MID_789A100 1975MB Tablet 600×1024
Laser MID_789IPSA100 MID_789IPSA100 1975MB Tablet 1024×600
Lava T101N T101N 1815MB Tablet 800×1280
Lava T71N T71N 1881MB Tablet 800×1280
Lava T71N_M T71N_M 1881MB Tablet 800×1280
Lava T71 T71WW 980MB Tablet 600×1024
Lava T81N T81N 1815MB Tablet 800×1280
Leader Phone Alphatel_T1 Alphatel_T1 904MB Tablet 600×1024
Leader Phone LP_Spectrum_S2 LP_Spectrum_S2 904MB Tablet 1024×600
Leagoo LeaPad X LeaPad_X 920MB Tablet 1024×600
Lechpol EAGLE1069 EAGLE_1069 3778MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 701LV 1830MB Tablet 1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 702LV 1830MB Tablet 1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M7 7305F 953-1967MB Tablet 600×1024
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M7 7305I 953MB Tablet 1024×600;600×1024
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M7 7305X 905-1900MB Tablet 600×1024
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M7 (3rd Gen) 7306F 1972MB Tablet 1024×600;600×1024
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Rel 801LV 2841MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M8 8505F 1849-2869MB Phone 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Smart Tab M8 8505FS 1849-1864MB Phone 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M8 8505N 2834MB Phone 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M8 8505X 1750-1829MB Phone 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M8 8505XC 1749-1828MB Phone 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Smrat Tab M8 8505XS 1750-1829MB Phone 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Smart Tab M8 8705F 2678-3814MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M8 8705N 3651-3715MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M8 8705X 2642-2707MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo XiaoXin Pad J606F 3670-5675MB Tablet 1200×2000;2000×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab P11 J606L 3670-5679MB Tablet 1200×2000
Lenovo XiaoXin Pad J606N 5675MB Tablet 2000×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab P11 Pro J706F 3619-5612MB Tablet 2560×1600
Lenovo Lenovo Tab P11 Pro J706L 5612MB Tablet 1600×2560;2560×1600
Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro J706N 5612MB Tablet 2560×1600
Lenovo Yoga Tab 13(ROW) K606F 7698MB Tablet 1350×2160;2160×1350
Lenovo LAVIE T11 112K1 LAVIET11112K1 3670MB Tablet 1200×2000
Lenovo LAVIE T11 11QHD1 LAVIET1111QHD1 5612MB Tablet 2560×1600
Lenovo LAVIE Tab E 10FHD2 LAVIETabE10FHD2 1801-1802MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo LAVIE Tab E 7SD1 LAVIETabE7SD1 1967MB Tablet 600×1024
Lenovo S2 S2 915MB Tablet 600×1024
Lenovo Lenovo TAB E8 TB-8304F1 967-1984MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 8 TB-8504F 1869-1920MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo TAB4 8 TB-8504L 1878MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 8 TB-8504N 1878MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 8 TB-8504X 1869-1878MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M8 (3rd Gen) TB-8506F 2796MB Phone 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M8 (3rd Gen) TB-8506FS 2796MB Phone 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 8 REL TB-8604F 1869MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 8 Plus TB-8704F 2881-3557MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 8 Plus TB-8704N 1836MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 8 Plus TB-8704V 1814-1836MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 8 Plus TB-8704X 2825-3557MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo 小新平板 TB-8804F 3649MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 8 REL TB-8X04F 1920MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 (HD) TB-X505F 1862-1864MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 (HD) TB-X505L 1862-1864MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 (HD) TB-X505N 2867MB Tablet 1280×800
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 (HD) TB-X505X 1862-1864MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB M10 FHD Rel TB-X605FC 1836-2843MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo TAB M10 FHD Rel TB-X605LC 1836-2843MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab E7 TB7104F 973MB Tablet 600×1024
Lenovo Lenovo Tab E7 TB7104I 957MB Tablet 600×1024
Lenovo Lenovo Tab E10 X104F 933-1947MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab E10 X104F1 2916MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab E10 X104L 1902MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab E10 X104N 1902MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab E10 X104X 1902MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 10 X304F 1919-1920MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 10 X304L 1878MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 10 X304N 1879MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 10 X304X 1878MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen) X306F 1817-3830MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen) X306FA 3824-3830MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen) X306V 3739MB Tablet 800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen) X306X 1726-3739MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen) X306XA 1726MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 10 REL X504F 1920MB Tablet 1280×800
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 (FHD) X605F 1821-2826MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 (FHD) X605L 2826MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 (FHD) X605M 1757MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus X606F 3750-3814MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus with Amazon Alexa X606FA 3751-3815MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 Plus X606V 3652-3723MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus X606X 1710-3723MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus with Amazon Alexa X606XA 1710-3658MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus X616M 3723MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Moto TAB X704A 1832MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 10 Plus X704F 2893MB Tablet 1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 10 Plus X704L 3589MB Tablet 1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 10 Plus X704N 3589MB Tablet 1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo TAB4 10 Plus X704V 1832MB Tablet 1920×1200
Lenovo TAB4 10 Plus X704Y 1888MB Tablet 1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab P10 X705F 3568MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab P10 X705L 3568MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo Tab P10 X705M 2722MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo 小新平板 X804F 3645MB Tablet 1920×1200
Lenovo Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Plus YT-X703F 2864-2865MB Tablet 1600×2560;2560×1600
Lenovo Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Plus YT-X703L 2864-2865MB Tablet 2560×1600
Lenovo Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Plus YT-X703X 2864-2865MB Tablet 1600×2560;2560×1600
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705F 2865-3619MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705L 2865-3619MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705X 3617-3619MB Tablet 1200×1920;1920×1200
Lenovo d-42A d-42A 3630MB Tablet 1200×1920
Lenovo Thinkpad 11e Chromebook (4th Gen)/Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e Chromebook (4th Gen) pyro_cheets 3827MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Lenovo Lenovo N Series Chromebook reks_cheets 3885-3894MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Lenovo Thinkpad 13 Chromebook sentry_cheets 3846MB Chromebook 1920×1080;768×1366
Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Chromebook 3rd Gen ultima_cheets 3885-3894MB Chromebook 1366×768;768×1366
Lenovo Lenovo Mirage Solo vega 3664MB Phone 2560×1440
Lenovo YOGA BOOK yeti 3849-3850MB Tablet 1920×1200
Leotec LEOTEC LETAB731 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Leotec Letab1020 Letab1020 1975MB Tablet 1280×800
Leotec Qi216 Qi216 1966MB Tablet 1280×800
Leotec Supernova_i216 Supernova_i216 1996MB Tablet 1280×800
Leotec mid1016_mk_64 mid1016_mk_64 1961MB Tablet 1280×800
Lephone S104G S104G 919MB Phone 800×1280
Lexibook LexiTab® 7″ MFC148FR 985MB Tablet 600×1024
Lexibook MFC149 MFC149 969-981MB Tablet 1024×600;600×1024
Lexibook LexiTab® 10″ MFC513FR 985MB Tablet 600×1024
Lexibook LexiTab® Deluxe MFC514 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Libre W101 W101 969MB Tablet 1280×800
Libre W808 W808 915MB Tablet 800×1280
Life Stick LifeStick ts201 940-943MB TV 1920×1080
LinkNet X1 Prime DCN88_72604_LN 1376-1473MB TV 1280×720
LinkNet X1-Prime-c DTC9565 1692MB TV 1920×1080
Linsar Linsar bangbae 1337MB TV 1920×1080
Linsar Linsar komagome 909MB TV 1280×720
Linsar Llinsar ueno 909MB TV 1280×720
Linsay F10XIPS F10XIPS 1975MB Tablet 800×1280
Linsay F7HD4CORE F7HD4CORE 974MB Tablet 1024×600
Linsay F7UHD F7UHD 1977MB Tablet 1024×600
Linsay F_10XHD F_10XHD 1959MB Tablet 600×1024
Linsay F_10XIPS F_10XIPS 1959-1975MB Tablet 1280×800
Linsay F_7HD4CORE F_7HD4CORE 1959MB Tablet 600×1024
Linsay LINSAY_F10XHD LINSAY_F10XHD 974MB Tablet 1024×600
Linsay LINSAY_F10XIPS LINSAY_F10XIPS 1981MB Tablet 800×1280
LitByLeia LUME LPD-10W 7694MB Tablet 1600×2560;2560×1600
LitByLeia LUME LPD-11W 7667MB Tablet 1600×2560
Logic Instrument Logic Instrument Fieldbook N101 lifbn101 3594MB Tablet 1200×1920
Logic Instrument Logic Instrument Fieldbook N80 lifbn80 2851MB Phone 800×1280
Logic Mobility T10B T10B 974MB Tablet 800×1280
Logic Mobility T10L T10L 1819-1829MB Tablet 800×1280
Logic Mobility T10W T10W 1823MB Tablet 1280×800
Logic Mobility T3GPlus T3GPlus 915MB Tablet 600×1024
Logic Mobility T4G T4G 880-891MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom CT1080 CT1080 984MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom Touch Tablet CT730 CT730 984MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom Playtab 10 LOGICOM_PLAYTAB_10 980MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom LOGIKIDS5 LOGIKIDS5 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom LOGIKIDS5 LOGIKIDS5ED 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom LOGIKIDS_5_Rev2 LOGIKIDS_5_Rev2 980MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom La_Tab_126 LT1012211F 1956MB Tablet 1536×900
Logicom La Tab 106 LaTab106 985MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom LaTab109HD LaTab109HD 1960MB Tablet 1280×800;800×1280
Logicom La Tab 105 La_Tab_105 985MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom La_Tab_105_P La_Tab_105_P 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom La_Tab_105_P_Rev2_EEA La_Tab_105_P_Rev2 980MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom La Tab 107 HD La_Tab_107 1996MB Tablet 800×1280
Logicom La Tab 113 La_Tab_113 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom La_Tab_114 La_Tab_114 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom La_Tab_114_Rev2 La_Tab_114_Rev2 980MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom La_Tab_115 La_Tab_115 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom La Tab 123HD La_Tab_123HD 981MB Tablet 1280×800
Logicom La tab 124 La_Tab_124_HD 981MB Tablet 800×1280
Logicom La_Tab_124_HD_Plus_EEA La_Tab_124_HD_Plus 980MB Tablet 1280×800
Logicom La_Tab_292 La_Tab_292 1956MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom La Tab 72 La_Tab_72 985MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom La Tab 73 La_Tab_73 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom La_Tab_74 La_Tab_74 981MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom La_Tab_74_Rev2 La_Tab_74_Rev2_EEA 980MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom La Tab 90 La_Tab_90 981MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom La Tab Full HD La_Tab_Full_HD 1988MB Tablet 1200×1920
Logicom La_Tab_Link_101 La_Tab_Link_101 1901MB Tablet 1280×800
Logicom La_Tab_Link_71_P La_Tab_Link_71_P 956MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom La_Tab_Stand La_Tab_Stand 1959MB Tablet 800×1280
Logicom Logikids 3 Logikids_3 984MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom Logikids_6 Logikids_6 1956MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom M bot tab 10 M_BOT_TAB_10 985MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom M bot Tab 1150 M_bot_tab_1150 980MB Tablet 600×1024
Logicom M bot Tab 71 M_bot_tab_71 984MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom M bot Tab 103 MbotTab103 983MB Tablet 1024×600
Logicom Logikids 4 logikids4 985MB Tablet 1024×600
Logik L32AHE19 ueno 909MB TV 1280×720
Logitec LZ-AA10 LZ-AA10 3785MB Tablet 1200×1920
MAG MAG425A MAG425A 1856-1857MB TV 1280×720;1920×1080
MAG MAG500A MAG500A 1988MB TV 1920×1080
MARVUE Pad_M10 Pad_M10 1974MB Tablet 1280×800
MAZE SSB700T SSB700T 981MB Tablet 600×1024
MEO(Portugal) MEO TV Box 4K DV8555-MEO 1987MB TV 1920×1080
MGS MGS komagome 909MB TV 1280×720
MINIX MINIX NEO T5 DV8553 1989MB TV 1920×1080
MIRAY MIDM_737 MIDM_737 981MB Tablet 1024×600
MIRAY MIDM_F10 MIDM_F10 1946MB Tablet 1920×1200
MIRAY Android TV R1 1536MB TV 1280×720
MIRAY TPM4G_105 TPM4G_105 2762MB Tablet 800×1280
MITSUSHIBA TP-07-016 TP-07-016 952MB Tablet 1024×600
MITSUSHIBA MITSUSHIBA TP-10-0232P3G 1960MB Tablet 1280×800
MLAB 8990 8990 1853MB Tablet 1280×800
MLAB MB4 MB4 980-981MB Tablet 1024×600
MLAB MB4_3G MB4_3G 958MB Tablet 600×1024
MLAB MB4_3G_PLUS_SE MB4_3G_PLUS_SE 915MB Tablet 600×1024
MLAB MB4 WIFI MB4_WIFI 981MB Tablet 1024×600
MLAB MB5 WIFI MB5_WIFI 981MB Tablet 600×1024
MLAB MB8715 MB8715 1938MB Tablet 1024×600
MLAB MB8717 MB8717 1958MB Tablet 1280×800
MLAB MB8866 MB8866 1819MB Tablet 800×1280
MLAB MLAB_GLOWY7 MLAB_GLOWY7 1906MB Tablet 600×1024
MLAB MLAB_GLOWY8 MLAB_GLOWY8 1906MB Tablet 800×1280
MLS Innovation iQ1060M iQ1060M 2781MB Tablet 1280×800
MLS Innovation iQ8225_EEA iQ8225 904MB Phone 800×1280
MLS Innovation iQM960L iQM960L 1906MB Phone 1280×800
MLS Innovation iQME100 iQME100 954MB Tablet 800×1280
MLS Innovation iQS1001 iQS1001 1796MB Tablet 1280×800
MLS Innovation iQS801 iQS801 1796MB Tablet 800×1280
MLS Innovation iQT1161 iQT1161 2824MB Tablet 1920×1080
MNC NOW CYBORG001 HP40A3 1989MB TV 1920×1080
MOBULAA Tab-1 Tab-1 2770MB Tablet 1920×1200
MOXNICE P63_EEA P63 2770MB Tablet 1200×1920
MSI NB32-Gen2 NB32-Gen2 3844MB Tablet 800×1280
MSI ND52-Gen2 ND52-Gen2