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When we think of retail stores, we think of hundreds of eyes who visit you every month, and so many times, they walk in and out without maximizing your brand or your sales.


How many people think of their brand daily? Have you thought every transaction you make, every interaction with the customer, and every product in your store reflects your brand?


Not sure about you… but we are! We thrive on making brands grow. Our team works day and night to bring ideas to the table to make your brand grow when you subscribe to AdCentral.

Promote YOUR products and services

We know how hectic stores can get. One minute you are unlocking that front door while sipping on that first cup of coffee.

The next minute, you have four phones wide open on your workbench, you are ringing up a customer, and you have that phone squeezed in between your cheek and shoulder, giving a quote. But you still wonder… why am I not upselling?!

Imagine if you just had a TV and an Apple TV, Android TV or a Fire TV in your shop… oh man! Could AdCentral be playing in the background upselling for you? Could AdCentral be promoting other services you offer while you run the show?

Snap out from brand-death!

We are sure you remember how long it took you to pick your business name. The calls and texts you made to friends and family members asking their opinions. That first post on social media announcing the name, logo, and that you were becoming an entrepreneur.

All that hard work, oftentimes it goes to waste after a few months in business. This is actually a pretty good sign! It means your business has grown! You now have no time to keep thinking about branding because you are busy taking care of customers and making some monaaaay.

However, it is our business to help your brand grow! With every kick-booty video in our app, your logo will associate your brand with our amazing videos. It is time to invest in the equivalent of less than 1 cup of coffee a day in your brand. Get out of the brand-zone with AdCentral!

Unforgettable brands started from zero!

“It is surprising to go to a town and hear of brands that everyone recommends. If you are a foodie like we are, when you travel, you always hear something like, “there is this breakfast place you have to go to!“... Have you thought about what makes the difference for that place? It usually is not only the food; there is an atmosphere around it, right? There is a brand!

But most importantly... how can you become an unforgettable brand?”

The importance of in-store video marketing


Of people say that they've been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video (Wyzowl, 2020)


Different categories all of the products and services you can promote


Of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy (Wyzowl 2021)

"A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality."
John Carmack

What They’re Saying

Excellent app. Very easy and convenient to use, and the content is amazing. It is a great help in our stores since we can show our clients what we offer to solve their needs and the purchase conversion is much higher than when our managers only explained without the audiovisual support that the app offers us.

Julian T

This is what the repair industry has been lacking for years. The ability to get more up sell/advertising opportunities to customers in your shop while they look around or are waiting for a repair to be completed. Instant access to high quality content without having to work with other services and spending time trying to create content.

Josh Moulton

Great high quality videos!! So easy to use and set up as well. Looking forward to see what’s coming next!

Roger Brown

For a while now we have been looking for some video advertising to play in-store but have never had the time to get anything running. Well, we found ad central today. Signed up and had it running completely in 10 minutes. Half of which was us finding our logo file. Super quick and easy! Videos look great and the content is cellphone repair shop specific.

Bryce Schutte

It's very clean. Our logo looks great! The Flow is pretty nice too, from setup to deployment.

Tolbert Cates

Yes! We are loving it. We haven’t opened our store yet, but we will constantly having the videos run on a secondary TV mounted to our wall behind our payment desk.
You’d pay someone on Fiverr more to do like 2-3 videos than to do just what AdCentral does.

Ethan Cox