We are thrilled to announce AdCentral has partnered with MobileSentrix to bring you the brands you love, such as Casper, Ampsentrix, Ampsentrix Plus, Ampsentrix Power, XO7, and AQ7 into AdCentral!

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What does this mean?

It means when you have an active subscription with AdCentral, you will be able to display high quality marketing material (videos and templates) promoting these fantastic products so you can increase your sales!


  • We have all seen the fantastic flexibility and resistance of Casper Tempered Glass.
  • Ampsentrix battery certifications are unique in the industry. Ampsentrix plus and Ampsentrix power are innovative as well.
  • How about all the perks that AQ7 and XO7 bring to your customer?
Don’t you wish you had promo material for all these scenarios? Well, now you will be able to have fantastic quality pieces with AdCentral! The best part of all? You do not have to worry about updating this material periodically because Adcentral does it for you through the AdCentral Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV!