Release 1.6

Custom, custom, custom.

In this release, we wanted to offer more customization to empower your brand even further. You are now able to customize your logo and your personalized screen!

Your logo – Stroke is a fancy name for the circle going around your logo on the adcentral platform (currently purple). Well, now you can change the stroke color! Not only that, but we have an algorithm in place to intelligently pick the colors from your logo, so your branding can stay as unified as possible. For those who may not want a stroke around their logo, you can now remove it and choose to leave your logo on your original color or any of our three filters commonly used for video purposes! 

Personalized screen – Blue is pretty, but we understand color is a big part of branding. So now you can choose any color you want for your personalized screen! 

These options can be found under your store profile starting today; please make sure to check for app updates for your tv devices continuously!

Release 1.5


AdCentral is back at it with more updates, and this one is a big one! We have been working on making our software better for you to automate in-store marketing using your TVs. One of the things we hear constantly is the need for more customization. AdCentral commitment to improving your brand goes beyond a cool app to easily update content. We are also committed to delivering outstanding premium content. 

We sat down to think long and hard on how to do this, and we came up with something called TEMPLATES!…

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Release 1.4

Free Plan

We are super thrilled to launch the AdCentral free version! The mission of AdCentral is to help repair shops grow their brand. We want professional-looking videos in every shop around the world, and we are happy to empower that. Through our forever Free Plan, you will have the opportunity to experience AdCentral full power and an easy-to-use platform to start growing your brand.


We are very thankful to all our clients. Thank you for allowing us to grow your brand over the last two months. It has been super fun to see happy faces and great reviews so far. One of the early things we learned was people loved our app so much; they wanted it on more than one TV at a time! We are now making it happen; you can now set up three devices per account for the same subscription fee! Talk about increasing value overnight!

Playlists Available

You can’t have three devices per account playing the same content over and over. That would be boring, and boring is a word we dislike at AdCentral! That is why now you can create playlists to have specific content playing around your shop. For example, setting a tv up behind your pre-owned device display with pre-owned device videos; a tv playing accessories videos right in between your slat walls. We are sure you will get creative with the new playlist feature and take advantage of targeting your products and services within your repair shop!

Release 1.3

Personalized Screen

We developed an opportunity to personalize your marketing and keep your store info in sight between videos: A personalization screen! The information displayed on this screen will be automatically retrieved from the information provided by you. So, if you want to change any of the information displayed, you can directly edit it on the “Store Profile” section on Settings. With this feature we want to make an impact to your business, giving you more than just a logo to exhibit your brand.

FREE Fire TV when you subscribe now!

Yeah! We are a start – up and we understand believing in us may sound a little risky. That’s why we are offering a very warm welcome as a thank you for trusting in us, in this passionate project called AdCentral.

A better bookmark experience

Alright, our Bookmark functionality has one simple but convenient goal: give you quick access to those videos which you consider the most nifty. Yes! Those which will help you close any sell for sure. Give it a try! On this release we’ve put some effort to improve its ease of use and efficiency.

Release 1.2

7 Day Free trial

So many people have asked us for a trial version, and we are now delivering! We want you to try AdCentral for 7 days before you commit to growing your brand with us. Keep in mind we are coming out with new features frequently for the experience to be more personalized every time. 

Horizontal and Vertical videos supported!

When we launched AdCentral, we missed users who had TVs mounted vertically. We quickly realized the importance of vertical screens and 2 weeks after our launch, we are now adding it! When you experience our vertical screens, it is not only the videos, but also the full app will orientate accordingly!

Now available on Fire TV Stick, Android TV and Apple TV

We understand the importance to accommodate as many users as possible when it comes to TV device preferences! That is why now AdCentral is now in Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV! The experience might vary slightly depending on the device capabilities, however our team has worked hard to keep the same features across all platforms! 

Make sure to go over the TV device comparison table!

Apple TV

Apple TV 4th and 5th generation.

Horizontal / Vertical

Android TV

Android TV 7.1 and higher. 5 GB free space.

Horizontal / Vertical

Fire TV

1st generation lite, 3rd generation, 1st generation 4k.

Horizontal / Vertical

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