AdCentral is a platform as a service (PAAS) to automate your in-store video marketing. Wow that sounded way too formal! Haha Let me try that again. We created AdCentral hoping to solve the issue most shop owners have in this industry when it comes to what to play in the reception area. What to play in that TV you bought when you first opened your shop and it is taking precious retail space! This is what I have observed so far:

  • TV with Logo 
  • TV with repair pictures
  • TV with music videos
  • TV with YouTube Channel of various repairs
  • TV OFF!
  • TV with customized videos created years ago

While it is debatable that some of these options are better than others, the truth is they are not ideal. When I first my opened my repair shop, I was not thinking to make an investment in a TV to just have my logo there. I always envisioned a professional look very similar to experiences you have when you walk in to a Verizon or AT&T store. However, what does it take to create a similar EXPERIENCE of a premium retail store?

I am sure as you opened your repair shop, you quickly realized in order to match the experience of a premium retail store, you need some monaaaay! I know because I remember my first trip to IKEA when building my repair shop after realizing customized furniture wasn’t cheap! Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of my first repair shop but when I look back at the pictures of it and if I were to compare them to a brand new Verizon in a premium plaza, well I am sure you could see the difference! 🙂 

Video content is a very similar animal. In order to create videos able to compete with a premium retail experience, you would spend a pretty penny. How do we know? Well, we might know a thing or two about marketing! When we created AdCentral we wanted to create a low cost platform where shop owners could go and quickly have a fairly large selection of videos to choose from and start playing within minutes. We also wanted all these videos to look PREMIUM! However, that is not all. 

Do you remember my boring opening about us being a platform as a service? Well, we are primarily a software company! What does this mean for you? This means we are CONSTANTLY innovating and changing things around based on our client’s feedback! Let’s be honest here for a second. There are two things you and I can agree. The first thing is we are both tech nerds. The second thing is IT IS HARD TO FIND GOOD SOFTWARE and as tech nerds, we are not fooled easily! It is 2021 and there is only a handful of companies with sound software platforms. If you have experienced AdCentral, I am sure you can say “well, this works”. And that is what we want to accomplish. A software that just works! 

We hope when you try us out, you EXPERIENCE a solid software platform. From the moment of you creating your account to the moment when you link your tv device. Play AdCentral and give your customers that EXPERIENCE that you dreamed of when you first opened your shop!

Finally, I am also a shop owner and love the repair world, feel free to reach out anytime!

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