But wait a second…

In-store video... what? 🧐


Many repair shops have TVs.


In-store content creation can be difficult to manage.


Wouldn't it be nice if you could automate it?

Well, we want to show you an easy way to promote your products and services through high-quality videos, ready to go with your logo on them to strengthen your brand.

This is your shop today!

Basic visuals

Non branded content –

Little to no marketing –

This is your shop with AdCentral!

Premium Videos

Your logo on every screen

Automated marketing

Is it too good to be true?


Kick-booty videos professionally designed

to help you promote your products and services.

High quality visual material

that you can customize with your logo automatically.

A great experience even if you have a vertical oriented screen,

shift freely between horizontal and vertical!

A multiplatform service,

we are live on Android TV, Apple TV and Fire TV.

The opportunity to offer your customers a premium repair store experience!

Your logo on them

Your logo in all of our videos!

Just push play

Premium graphics designed to attract every walk-in customer!

High quality videos

What better way to explain to your customers each one of your products and services than a marketing video?

How does it work?

Easypeasy automatic video marketing

Step 1

Create your account.

Step 2

Upload your logo.

Step 3

Choose anything from Android repair to accessories to promote.

Step 4

Link your device.

Step 5

Access to unlimited videos with your logo, for your repair store.

And the best part?



NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Experience what AdCentral

can do for your brand starting with our Free Plan.